Bhagya Lakshmi 1st June 2022 Written Update Episode

Malishka Accuses Lakshmi Of Theft

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 1 June 2022 Written Episode on

The episode begins with Pandit ji announcing that the engagement mahurat has ended, but that another mahurat would be held in 20 minutes. Ayush inquires as to why you paused. Rishi informs him that they will be celebrating and requests that he request DJ to play music. On the song Nach de saare, he dances with Malishka….. Others join in the fun. Lakshmi seems to be unhappy and walks away. Rishi dances with her while holding her hand. Malishka joins him in the dance.

They take a break from dancing. Everyone joins in the applause. Rishi asks Lakshmi whether she saw everything joyful, and he adds he can’t recall the last time he saw them all happy. Lakshmi replies, “I remember when you were bitten by a snake and nothing happened to you, when you were shot and you were safe, when you were engulfed in a fire and you were rescued, everyone was delighted.” Rishi inquires whether you are favouring me, claiming that I, too, have done a great deal for you. I remember it, too, Lakshmi recalls, and we were both delighted at the time.

She enters her room. Shalu is going to follow her, but Neelam stops her and tells her that she is not permitted to enter. She claims that your sister and you have caused us a lot of grief. Shalu inquires as to how I have bothered you. Neelam claims she tumbled down the steps, something she claims she has never done before. What do you want to say, Shalu? Karishma claims to be more obnoxious than her sister.

I didn’t fall down on my own, Neelam claims; your sister pushed me down. She must have devised a scheme to bring any member of her family to their knees in order to call off the engagement. I’ll fetch Lakshmi, Malishka says. Rishi declines. Malishka has said that she will be present. She enters Lakshmi’s room and invites her to observe her engagement. Lakshmi wonders whether you’re getting married to impress me or for your own pleasure.

For our pleasure, Malishka adds, and she invites her to come over and see that Rishi is hers. Lakshmi says yours and then clarifies that he is not yours. She argues this isn’t an engagement, but rather a deception and betrayal that you’re perpetrating on yourself, and that the engagement doesn’t matter until he’s my husband. She says she’ll come even if you don’t want me to witness the engagement. Malishka thinks it’s odd that she consented.

Pandit ji is asked by Kiran to begin the engagement ceremonies. Pandit ji requests that they get the ring. Mukesh is asked by Neelam to fetch the ring. Rishi is instructed by Pandit ji to have Malishka wear the ring. When Rishi opens the package, it is empty.

Who has an issue with this engagement, Karishma asks. Kiran claims that Lakshmi is capable of anything and that she has descended to her level and taken the ring. What is Lakshmi’s question? You came here to have fun, according to Malishka. Shalu begs her not to speak ill of her sister. Malishka has had enough of her and has labelled her as unlucky in her life.

She requests that Lakshmi hand up the ring. Accomplish you think I can do this, Lakshmi asks? This, according to Ayush, is a limit. Ayush, says Lakshmi. Don’t steal my son’s name, Karishma says, and asks her to retrieve the ring. If somebody attempts to rob my son’s happiness, Neelam argues, she would not endure it. Lakshmi claims that I did not steal the ring. You’re here for the money, Karishma continues, and that’s why you’ll do this.

Rishi claims that he does not believe Lakshmi stole it. Malishka instructs her to look for her ring. Kiran claims that if you look for it, you will find it. Lakshmi claims that she will search it in order to establish her innocence. She claims that you are accusing me of stealing and that you should see for yourself. Lakshmi, Malishka says. I’m Lakshmi, and I’ve been accused of stealing, therefore I’ll absolutely check the ring, says Lakshmi. Virender believes that everyone should look for the ring.

Balwinder examines the ring and informs Bobby that he took it while everyone was dancing, and he thanks him for his assistance. He claims that the engagement will now be called off. Bobby requests that he hand up the ring so that he might get some money. If Balwinder refuses, you’ll be next on my kill list. He hides when he sees Rishi heading to his room. Rishi then moves on.

Bobby requests that Balwinder wipe his perspiration. Balwinder declares that he will do the task for which he has come. Shalu inquires about Lakshmi’s activities. Lakshmi claims to be looking for the ring, which everyone else is doing as well. She claims that everyone has accused me of stealing, and that I would search the ring and deliver it to them.

Shalu explains why they’re pointing the finger at you. Lakshmi claims that they are my family, and that they believe I have taken it; so, why would I steal it? She adds that if I want to postpone this engagement, I’ll do anything to ensure that rishi’s engagement never takes place. She claims that no one understands and that the engagement will continue, and that there is a court above as well. Something, Shalu believes, will happen.

Rishi is looking for the ring when Balwinder appears and strikes him. Rishi grabs his hand and strikes him, causing the knife to fall to the ground. Rishi gets pushed into the bed by Balwinder. When Lakshmi sees Balwinder on him, she yells Rishi, even though she doesn’t know him.

She covers his head with a handkerchief. Balwinder shoves Rishi and flees. Rishi learns from Lakshmi that he was a thief. Rishi claims to work as a waiter. According to Lakshmi, he was a burglar disguised as a waitress. Balwinder goes over to Ayush and welcomes him. Let’s capture him, says Lakshmi. She yells for Ayush to capture him and claims he is a thief. Rishi claims that he has assaulted me.

When Malishka sees Ayush approaching him, she grabs Balwinder’s hand and whispers, “You.” Balwinder claims that I took the ring to keep Rishi and Lakshmi apart. Rishi arrives to the location. Malishka poses as if Balwinder had abducted her and leads him to his room.

She then shuts the door and hits him across the face. Rishi arrives to Malishka’s door and knocks. Malishka accuses you of ruining my engagement and claims ownership of the diamond. Ayush instructs Rishi to slam the door shut. Rishi attempts to slam the door shut.

Malishka inquires about her ring. The ring is given by Balwinder. If anybody finds out, Lakshmi claims, they will be tense. She tells Rishi to hurry up since Malishka is silent. Rishi, Lakshmi, and Ayush tear down the door and enter. Balwinder is a creature that conceals. Malishka’s lips and hands are both restrained. Balwinder thinks Lakshmi would be suspicious that she didn’t yell if she remembers and a facebook is presented. Malishka smacks him and tells him that Lakshmi is illiterate and always will be.

She ties herself up and causes a ruckus in the room. Balwinder describes you as a bright lady, saying, “I’ve never seen a woman like you.” Facebook is shutting down. Lakshmi frees her and inquires about her well-being. Rishi inquires about Malishka’s well-being. Malishka claims that Lakshmi was correct and that the rings had been taken by a thief. Rishi gets hugged by her. Rishi tells her to unwind.

Lakshmi is on her way out. Rishi takes her hand in his and expresses his gratitude for rescuing and assisting Malishka. He’s going to depart with Malishka. Malishka returns to Lakshmi and embraces her, thanking her from the bottom of her heart and telling her that it is because of her that she is getting engaged today. Why are you saying this, Lakshmi inquires? Malishka apologises for accusing you of stealing.

Rishi advises Lakshmi that every human being should be like Malishka, who admits her error and apologises. He wants Lakshmi to respond, but no, you can’t say it’s all right. He claims you have a lot of ego. Ayush inquires, “Do you have that much ego?” and wants her to respond, “It’s OK.” Lakshmi asks whether my words have any worth, and I respond that I must prove my words.

Nobody is asking you to prove anything, says Rishi; all you have to do is say yes. Will you agree if I say? Lakshmi asks. She claims that I said that I had not taken anything, and that everyone suspected me of stealing it, while you remained quiet. She claims that if no one agrees with my statements, my approval would be meaningless.

Malishka grins and informs Rishi that the fact is that Lakshmi is unhappy, and if she had the power, she would have called off our wedding as well. Rishi says there’s no way. Ayush claims that he would contact everyone. Rishi claims that if the thief is known, everyone would get agitated.

Lakshmi believes Virender can rescue Rishi from Malishka, saying, “I’ve seen her terrifying avatar and I’m terrified; only you can save him.” Abhay pays Virender a visit. Lakshmi approaches Virender and informs him that she has witnessed something. Neelam is the one who arrives. I need to speak with you, Lakshmi says. What is it that Neelam is inquiring about?

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