Bhagya Lakshmi 19th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Neelam explains how Lakshmi destroyed everything

Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 19th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

Malishka instructs Mukesh to flee or he would be stuck. Mukesh concurs. Malishka requests that he flee from the rear. He dashes out the backdoor. Malishka believes she has beaten Lakshmi and her bhagya. Customers and consumers are joined at the hospital by Ayush and Lakshmi. Ayush takes a step back and notifies Virendra about the occurrence. Lakshmi begs God not to bring harm to her family. She bemoans the fact that she betrayed Rishi’s confidence and ruined the Oberoi family’s image. Virendra tells Ayush to leave the hospital immediately with Lakshmi and says, “I’ll send Mahesh to handle the problem since you guys don’t have expertise.” Ayush notifies Lakshmi of the situation, and the two depart the hospital.

Neelam, who is on call, finds out what transpired at the hotel. She believes Lakshmi is unlucky and hopes the media is unaware. Malishka is revealed to be the person with whom Neelam is conversing. Malishka summons the media to cover the unfolding controversy at Oberoi radiant. She believes the task is over and Lakshmi is finished. Neelam summons Lakshmi. According to the worker, Lakshmi did not return. Virendra and others arrive. Neelam replies, “You know what happened, Lakshmi is unlucky for us.” Karishma inquires as to what transpired. Virendra inquires as to how she knows. Neelam claims that everyone will discover out since Lakshmi placed our name and reputation at risk. Sonia inquires as to what transpired.

Neelam explains how Lakshmi destroyed everything. Virendra answers Mahesh’s phone call. Mahesh warns him that poison was placed into the meal, which is why everyone was hospitalised. Virendra wonders how this can happen when Lakshmi is to blame. According to Karishma, it is a criminal violation. Neelam claims that Lakshmi will give them issues and that she is a blight in their life. Virendra claims Lakshmi cannot do anything wrong and that there is something suspicious going on. Karishma is ready to say something, but Virendra stops her.

Malishka creates a situation in which everyone accuses Lakshmi without believing her statements. She laughs and chooses to share her joy with her spouse. She phones Kiran and informs her that Lakshmi’s chapter has come to an end and that Oberoi would be evicting Lakshmi. Kiran inquires as to what she did to get Lakshmi out of her way. Malishka invites her to come to Oberoi’s home to watch the live broadcast. Kiran requests that the driver transport her to Oberoi’s home. She inquires of Malishka what she done to turn things in her favour. Malishka tells her what she done and urges her mother to follow her accomplishment. Kiran concurs.

Lakshmi instructs Ayush to consult with Doctor on what we should do next. Ayush requests that Lakshmi contact Rishi to discuss his proposal. Lakshmi and Rishi both call at the same time. They develop a frantic tone. Ayush tells Lakshmi to relax and that everything would be OK. Balwinder informs Guddu that Malishka is not returning his phone calls. Guddu claims Malishka took advantage of him. Balwinder threatens Malishka with death if she does not pay him. It is overheard by Rano. Balwinder takes notice of her. Neelam claims that Lakshmi stole their pleasure and calm. Virendra attempts to stop her, but Neelam is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafening She wonders whether he is bound in Lakshmi’s influence after seeing the puja she performed for his father. She claims he made a mistake in trusting Lakshmi.

Kiran shows up. Everyone remains quiet. Kiran inquires as to what transpired. Karishma and Sonia explain how Lakshmi wrecked their reputation. Kiran wonders why they let Lakshmi handle things while Malishka was absent. Karishma believes these individuals are insane for believing in Lakshmi. When Lakshmi returns home with Ayush. Karishma interrupts Lakshmi and tells her to rejoice for destroying their reputation. Lakshmi claims she has no idea how it occurred. Neelam regards Lakshmi as unlucky. Ayush claims he has no idea how that occurred since we verified everything. Everything will be alright, according to Virendra. Neelam urges him not to back Lakshmi since she made a mistake. Ayush claims Lakshmi made no mistakes. Neelam tells him to stop talking.

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