Bhagya Lakshmi 18th October 2022 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 18th October 2022 Written Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi 18 October 2022

Rishi is being led outside the room by Balwinder. When he watches Malishka leaving, he decides he will stop caring for her since she sacrificed him. He carries Rishi as he leaves. Malishka believes Sonia had declined to give her her laptop and that she is unaware of her whereabouts. She is startled as she unlocks the laptop’s pendrive. Shalu and Ayush are given juice by Bani, who says she assured the server she would drink it. Ayush enjoys the humour she has. Bani claims to have seen Dadi sporting goggles. As per Ayush, we are similar. You are similar to her, Shalu claims. Ayush claims she enjoys every moment of life.

We couldn’t do it, claims Shalu. Lakshmi arrives, receives juice from Shalu, and sips it. Shalu offers Lakshmi the glass after taking it from Ayush. Lakshmi sips it and claims to be swallowing her rage before blaming Rishi. I’m telling you this final time, Shalu claims Jiju hasn’t had an affair. She requests Ayush’s input. Ayush alleges having an affair. Shalu claims we were aware of Malishka. Lakshmi claims that he had an affair with other women. Ayush claims that I would have chosen one of them if he had informed me. Ayush, says Shalu. Ayush is prompted by her to be honest. According to Ayush, a secret exists. To hear him, they perch on the chair.

According to Ayush, Malishka is not the only affair Rishi bhai is having. Shalu says if you are kidding then I will hit you. Lakshmi is surprised and requests information about Rishi’s affair from Ayush. Didn’t you know, Malishka asks Ayush. Shalu wonders who is that third girl? She is not the girl, claims Ayush. What, says Lakshmi? According to Ayush, there is no third party. Shalu grips his neck and declares that he is a workaholic who has an affair with his job. You were kidding, Shalu replies, and you will now get a beating. Ayush begs Lakshmi to smile and claims he did to cheer her up. Lakshmi leaves unhappy. They don’t realise they love one another, according to Shalu.

Kiran anticipates Malishka and believes that she will force me to have BP. There, Malishka shows up. Did you check the pendrive, Kiran queries? Balwinder, according to Malishka, deceived me. Your dad told you, claims Kiran. Malishka claims he never betrayed me in the past. Balwinder is asked to put a boy on the waggon by the youngster. Balwinder invites him to go. The pendrive is dropped to the ground. Balwinder, according to Malishka, wants to murder and sacrifice him after learning that we were preparing an attack on him.

The pendrive, according to her, is empty, and she asks where the genuine pendrive is. While strolling, Lakshmi discovers the pendrive. He didn’t deliver the genuine pendrive, Kiran wonders. Malishka claims that he is always ready to trap me. She is urged not to be terrified of him by Kiran. Malishka accuses Kiran and Abhay of hatching a plot against him and claims he has evidence against me. She claims that Balwinder has turned into a weapon against me and that they should treat him like a man. She grabs Kiran’s phone and calls him, speculating that he could be preparing some kind of mistake.

Lakshmi enters the space and looks around for Rishi. Where did he go, she wonders? She feels that she shouldn’t have spoken to him so much since, as Shalu and Ayush suspected, he was attempting to stoke my jealousy. She apologises and offers to put a stop to the argument since she has come to support you. Come back, she says; where did you go? Balwinder arrives at the location pulling a cart. What’s within, the decorator queries? Asking him to go, Balwinder calls him a cracker. Rishi’s hand is visible to the decorator. Rishi’s hand is covered by Balwinder, who claims it is only crackers. In order to view Rishi, the decorator moves the fabric.

Please return, Rishi, Lakshmi begs. I’m not feeling well. The decorator is informed by Balwinder that Virender requested him to deliver the statue. The decorator notices Rishi’s face and believes him to be a statue. He introduces himself as Rishi sir and inquires as to whether or not he murdered the man. What are you going to do with him?

He claims to be a lovely person. Balwinder is pushed as he runs. Malishka calls, which Balwinder declines. When the decorator calls, Ayush is occupied watching a game. Balwinder approaches him from behind. As the decorator rushes, she runs into Lakshmi. I’m glad I saw you, he says. Balwinder considers killing him as a way to put a stop to it. The decorator claims it is a male. Balwinder burns the fabric after keeping the stone within. The decorator is urged to calm down by Lakshmi. She dashes there after seeing the flames. There are also Ayush and Shalu. The decorator faints after receiving a blow to the head from Balwinder. Lakshmi explains to Ayush that Suppu was frightened and was attempting to communicate. If there’s a connection, Shalu queries. Where is Rishi, wonders Virender? Suppu is placed to the side and hidden by Balwinder. He asserts that he must complete the task before Mahurat time.

That everything is in order, in Dadi’s opinion, is excellent. Where is Rishi, Neelam asks, after I ordered him to arrive before mahurat. She claims that mahurat today cannot be cancelled. Virender promises to show up. If Rishi is absent, Neelam requests Ayush to do the Ravan dahan.

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