Bhagya Lakshmi 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Malishka believes that if you are pleased

Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 18th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

The episode begins with Lakshmi informing the cooks that the meal smells delicious and that they should create presentation preparations. She replies she has no clue and begs the cooks to explain. Ayush invites Lakshmi and mentions how beautiful it smells. Malishka feels you’ve done award-winning work, but not in the appropriate location. She promises you something more if you just wait and watch. Customers loved their hotel, according to the reviewers.

The woman says we’ll sample the dish before signing the contract. Ayush assures us that the meal will be delicious. Lakshmi arrives with the cooks. Ayush places food on the table. The reviewer like the food’s appearance and aroma. As Mrs. Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi, Ayush compliments Lakshmi. Lakshmi adds, “I simply hope you like the cuisine.” Malishka arrives. Lakshmi is also in charge of serving the meals at the table. So many dishes, according to the reviewer. Ayush claims that bhabhi completed the task in a timely manner. The critic begins eating.

Malishka believes that if you are pleased, you must weep afterwards since the true labour is taking place here. Balwinder walks inside the hotel kitchen and remarks, “Very wonderful.” He informs the chef that he has come to examine the kitchen for cleanliness. Mr. Oberoi, he said, maintained the kitchen in good condition. He requests that he remain inside. Chef claims to be Mukesh. He wants to visit the kitchen. Balwinder says I’ll finish my task.

He drops poison in the meal and stirs it around. Mukesh notices and inquires, “Did you mix anything?” No, replies Balwinder. Mukesh invites him to accompany him. Balwinder claims that I would go to customers and inform them that the staff is rude. He says I’ll ask them to cancel the contract. The pocket then slips out of his pocket. Mukesh says I’ll call the cops. Balwinder knocks him out with a frying pan to the head. He then conceals himself in the cupboard. He is dressed as a chef. Another chef arrives and inquires whether the dinner is ready. Balwinder agrees to sign him. He believes he has put powder to it.

The dish is served to the reviewers by Lakshmi. They’ve got the poisoned noodles. Malishka enters the kitchen and searches for Balwinder. Balwinder takes off his disguise and says, “Your task is over.” Mukesh, he claims, saw me. Malishka chastises him. Balwinder, who was following me, tells me what to do. She notices Mukesh becoming aware. He faints when she smacks him with the ladder. Our Jodi, according to Balwinder, is OK. Malishka invites him to accompany her. She hopes everything goes as planned.

The chef informs Lakshmi that the dish was well received by the reviewers. Lakshmi recalls her mother telling her that delicious cuisine is prepared from the heart. Malishka reappears. The meal is praised by the reviewers, as is Lakshmi. We didn’t see this many dishes, according to the woman. Lakshmi, according to Ayush. According to the reviewer, its combination is out of this world. The woman asks whether I may keep your hand on your brow. She suddenly feels sick and rushes to the restroom. Others rush to the restroom as well.

Ayush and Lakshmi seem tense. Malishka observes. Rishi is concerned and wonders whether Lakshmi has handled things. He believes that if she makes even a little error, the media will cover it up. He becomes concerned. Malishka questions Lakshmi about what went wrong and why she kept it in food. Lakshmi claims she knows nothing. Others vomit and flee as well. Lakshmi inquires of Ayush. If anything was added into the dish, Ayush says. Malishka claims that Lakshmi will be held accountable. The manager arrives and reports that everyone in the corporate hall and rooms is vomiting. Malishka questions Lakshmi about what she put in the dinner that caused everyone to puke.

She claims that their health worsened after they ate. Lakshmi claims I didn’t make any mistakes. Ayush invites her to the dinner hall with him. Malishka adds that if you attempt to win Lakshmi, you will lose and make Rishi lose as well. Ayush and Lakshmi see the clients puking. As the woman vomits, Lakshmi takes a baby in her palm. Malishka says it’s your time to weep now, that you’ve made me cry a lot, and that horrible things will happen to you. Lakshmi informs Ayush that everyone is vomiting as a result of the meal. Ayush requests that the cooks set the meal aside.

The chefs claim they have tasted the dish and that you have as well. Ayush is curious as to what transpired next. Lakshmi cries and calls an ambulance. Ayush advises her not to be stressed. Lakshmi wonders how I shall deal with Rishi, Bau ji… Ayush assures her that we would face the matter jointly and that she should not blame herself. She notices people’s health worsening. Malishka enters the kitchen and believes the strategy has been effective so far. She believes she must apprehend Mukesh because he would provide information about Balwinder and Lakshmi will triumph. She considers searching for him.

Rishi has an odd sensation and decides to phone Ayush. Lakshmi assists the clients. Rishi contacts Ayush, but Ayush is too busy transporting clients to the hospital. Malishka wonders where he went. Mukesh emerges from the kitchen, cradling his head, and says, “I shall inform Ayush sir that someone has entered the kitchen.” Malishka approaches him and says, “Where are you fleeing to?” Mukesh adds, “I’ll inform Ayush Sir.” Malishka strikes him and accuses him.

She claims you’re attempting to flee. Mukesh claims I did nothing. Malishka requests that he show her the evidence. She claims she’ll contact the cops. Mukesh begs her to believe in him. Malishka claims that they will just distrust you, and I have no clue what they will do. She claims you committed a crime and will face several murder charges. She claims she is unable to assist you. Mukesh begs, “Please rescue me; I will do anything you say.”

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