Bhagya Lakshmi 17th October 2022 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 17th October 2022 Written Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

Kiran worries about Malishka at the beginning of the episode and wonders whether Balwinder has done something to cause her to wait until now. Malishka arrives and gives Kiran a hug. What did Balwinder say, inquires Kiran? Apparently, Malishka obtained the pendrive. Pendrive drops from her palm as she displays it to Kiran. Just suddenly, Neelam arrives. Whether Aunty witnessed everything, Malishka wonders. Malishka has apparently forgotten that her father is a father, according to Balwinder, who also claims to have handed her an empty pendrive. His companion beams. Balwinder claims that she would get 440 volts of electricity and that he has a pendrive with evidence that will protect him. If she finds out, according to his pal.

Balwinder claims he is not frightened of her and predicts that this Ravan would be the one to put an end to his life. Neelam queries Kiran about her support for Malishka. She claims that I told her to take it easy after she injured her foot. Kiran replies she will listen to Neelam and inquires as to what Malishka is saying. She begs Neelam to take care of her potential husband. Neelam inquires about her foot and states that “my decision will become my bahu.” Malishka claims she is ok. Neelam departs. Kiran receives the pendrive from Malishka. Kiran inquires as to Balwinder’s fate. Balwinder apparently learned about our plot and was upset, according to Malishka. She claims it would be our loss if we sacrifice him. Why did he come here, Kiran wonders? Malishka claims that even she was ignorant.

Lakshmi and Rishi approach one another. Lakshmi motions for him to move and declares her desire to go to that side. Rishi claims that he also wants to depart. Why is she upset, he stops her and queries. You were secretly hearing me, according to Lakshmi. According to Rishi, life will provide some amusement, excitement, adventure, and thrill. Will you hear me when I say these things, she asks. Rishi claims that I wanted to see you since you were being adorable and arguing like a toddler. She remarks that, in the past, my conversations had brought you calm, but now it appears like we are at odds. She then asks whether I am fighting. When two females see them, they give Rishi a flying kiss before they go. When Lakshmi experiences jealousy, she moves on. She understood why she was envious. I overheard you saying, Rishi claims. I don’t care what you do, says Lakshmi. Really, he inquires? He is urged not to misinterpret by Lakshmi.

Lakshmi will be seeing the Dussehra here for the first time, and Ayush expresses his excitement to Shalu. Shalu wonders why they fought so often. Ayush claims they are unaware of their feelings for one another. Shalu inquires about the film and expects that Ravan would burn all the horrors. They’ll receive it, according to Ayush, tomorrow. Shalu claims that she is afraid that Lakshmi may catch someone else’s terrible sight. Nothing will happen to your sisters, according to Ayush.

Balwinder contacts the girls and tells them that they are both gorgeous. If they would want to meet Rishi Oberoi, he asks. Yes, the girl replies. Balwinder requests that they offer him a bouquet and let him know that Preeti Madam gave it. He requests that she give him the bouquet’s aroma. The girl departs. Talking to another female, Balwinder inquires about her occupation. What should I do if females like me? Rishi queries. The young lady enters Rishi and Lakshmi’s bedroom. As soon as the girl brings him a bouquet, Rishi thanks her. He gives it a whiff and remarks on how nice it smells. Lakshmi is instructed to sniff it. Lakshmi leaves unhappy. Rishi claims that the bouquet smells awful when sitting on the bed. He collapses.

Malishka worries as she questions why she didn’t consider the CCTV cameras there. When Kiran arrives, she inquires as to why she is anxious. Malishka grabs the pendrive and claims that the video is the source of her tension, adding that Balwinder won’t be able to assist either. What will you do, says Kiran? Malishka claims that based on this film, Rishi’s ownership will be determined. She checks the pendrive in Sonia’s room. Malishka will soon find love, Kiran hopes. Rishi is in Rishi’s room when Balwinder enters. Balwinder is grabbed by Rishi, who is just half awake. Who are you, Balwinder queries? Rishi declares your demise. Balwinder claims that I am in front of you and predicts that after inhaling the medication, you will pass out totally. Rishi collapses entirely. Balwinder queries if you’re acting. He claims that this Ravan dahan moment has come.

Virender is informed by Dadi that she is bored. Virender predicts that Ravan Dahan will occur eventually. Dadi replies that till then, we will snap selfies. He snaps a selfie. There, Lakshmi appears. Dadi claims that the selfie is deficient in some way. Yes, Dadi is lacking something, according to Lakshmi. What, says Dadi? Google, says Lakshmi. She is asked to fetch Rishi’s goggles by Dadi. I saw you wearing Rishi’s goggles, Lakshmi replies, and I think they look better on you. I didn’t hear, claims Virender. Lakshmi departs to deliver it. Dadi tells him she would get a lot of likes on social media if he takes her picture while she is wearing goggles. Okay, maa, replies Virender.

Lifting Rishi, Balwinder notices a person approaching. He conceals Rishi while lying on the bed with a blanket over him. Lakshmi claims she came to do the task and not to converse with him since she believes he is acting sleepy. Her sindoor bottle spills onto the ground as she puts on her goggles. Balwinder believes Rishi would flee if Lakshmi sees him. Lakshmi chooses the bottle and places it on the desk. She speculates that Rishi’s sleepiness may be related to his injuries and that he must do the ravan dahan. Balwinder believes Lakshmi will treat him in this way. When Lakshmi phones him, she wonders whether he is speaking to his girlfriend. I’ll raise your blanket, she offers. Balwinder believes he’s passed away. Lakshmi feels she doesn’t care who he is speaking to as she prepares to remove the cover. She leaves. From his bed, Balwinder unlocks the door. Rishi is taken from behind the couch and dragged outside by the man. He raises him after that and observes Malishka leaving.

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