Bhagya Lakshmi 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Ayush wonders what guarantee there

Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

Rishi begins the episode by thanking Lakshmi. Lakshmi says you’re complimenting me and then thanking me. Okay, no thanks, he says. I will not express gratitude, but we will celebrate our success together. Malishka hears and wishes that Lakshmi drowns his name, and wonders how this illiterate Lakshmi will face him. Lakshmi claims she must deal with this situation. Rishi wishes everyone the best. Lakshmi thanks you and then says, “No, we’ll have a party.” Rishi is energised and plans to return with the good news.

Lakshmi informs the chefs that the smell/aroma is pleasant. Malishka arrives and remarks on the pleasant aroma. According to Lakshmi, the taste will be as good as the aroma. She walks away. Malishka colours the food prepared by Lakshmi. Ayush catches her off guard and declares, “I will not let Lakshmi bhabhi’s name be ruined.” He claims he caught you red-handed. Malishka has had enough. Lakshmi reappears. Ayush claims that she was putting something in the food. Malishka requests that he inquire about what she was adding. She claims it is red powder that enhances the flavour and colour.

Ayush wonders what guarantee there is that it is the same here. Malishka claims I would not have done this if I had been caught. She claims Lakshmi asked her to sprinkle it. Yes, says Lakshmi. Malishka requests that he apologise to her. Ayush refuses, saying, “I have doubts about you.” Malishka threatens to inform the detractors. Lakshmi requests that he apologise. Ayush apologises and warns that if you do anything, you will not be saved. Malishka believes she will do what she wants, and then Rishi will deal with Lakshmi.

Rishi shows the clients the presentation. Lakshmi believes that cooking at home and cooking here are not the same. Rishi portrays Lakshmi at the conference and delivers a presentation. Lakshmi imagines him and expresses gratitude to him. He is also grateful to her for stepping in front of him. She imagines giving him a taste of the food and Rishi liking it and saying, “Perfect.”

Rishi imagines Lakshmi applauding him. Everyone applauds and exits. Lakshmi receives a video call. He says what? She claims you called her. Rishi wonders why she is so happy. He claims that if you wanted to come here, you would have come with me, so why did you take a separate flight and come here? Lakshmi says she is here because you inspired her to come. She claims that everything is fine here. He claims that the presentation is taking place and that the meeting is going well. According to Lakshmi, the food is perfect. Rishi claims you haven’t called since I arrived. Lakshmi claims that you have not called her and stated that you will not miss her.

He claims we are both liars and that he missed her. She claims to have missed him as well. He inquires as to what separates us. She says, “I ask you?” Malishka becomes agitated when she hears them. Lakshmi wonders when he will arrive. He says this following a meeting. She requests that he come quickly but not run. He claims this is Ayush’s effect and inquires as to his whereabouts. Lakshmi declares his support for the critics. Rishi thinks you’ve done well. According to Lakshmi, you have done so. Rishi claims that whatever is done is done by us. Rishi says, “OK, we’re done.” Lakshmi asks if I should end the call. Rishi wishes everyone the best.

The chefs tell Lakshmi that they have tasted the food and it is very tasty. Lakshmi prays to Mata Rani that they will enjoy it as much as she does. Malishka becomes enraged and declares that they are romancing like college students, and she decides to separate them. She believes Lakshmi must leave his life so that Rishi can see his love, who is only mine. She says that if I let Lakshmi win and ruin the Oberoi family’s reputation with your hand, Rishi will kick you out and only see me.

Balwinder believes Malishka has turned his life into that of a dog. Malishka summons him. Balwinder does not answer his phone. Malishka becomes enraged. Balwinder answers the phone and asks if she is at peace. Malishka claims you fled without completing the work and asks him not to argue with her. She claims she called him for his benefit. He inquires as to what devil work you have in mind. Malishka invites him to Rishi’s hotel.
She claims that there is only one hotel in Mumbai and calls him an idiot. Balwinder requests that she refrain from calling him an idiot. Lakshmi, according to Malishka, is present. Balwinder declares that he will not take any action. Malishka claims that whatever you do, Lakshmi will die. She claims that this work is simple and inquires as to why he is thinking. Balwinder responds, “OK, I’ll do your work.” Malishka says that only Ayush and I will be present, and that he will keep an eye on me. She requests that he go there and do the work. Balwinder says that if anything happens, you must save me or I will cut your and your mother’s throats. She turns to see Ayush standing there. Ayush inquires as to whom you were conversing. Malishka inquires as to what your issue is.

Ayush inquires if you were calling someone. Malishka claims to be your friend and family member, and she bears your misbehaviour. She says your accusations and blames are false and asks him to explain before leaving. Ayush claims he was concerned that she would do something wrong. Malishka says she’ll accompany you. Ayush claims there is an exit. Malishka claims that Neelam aunty sent her here, and I’m checking to see if Lakshmi made a mistake. Ayush tells Lakshmi bhabhi that she can’t make a mistake and asks her to leave. Malishka requests that he contact Neelam and say the same thing to her. Ayush tells her that she is threatening her and gives her one last chance to catch her. Malishka says she will not make any mistakes, even if they are unintentional, and that she is not like that; you don’t have a brain to use. She walks away. Ayush believes that if Malishka harms or hurts her in any way, he will not leave her, but rather break her.

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