Bhagya Lakshmi 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Ayush says you won't be here tomorrow

Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

The episode begins with Virender stating that the notion is not a terrible one. Neelam thinks the conference is essential, but Rishi has to work, so let him do it there. Virender replies yeah, Rishi will be working, and Lakshmi will be alone. Rishi, Dadi replies, may take her later. Virender claims they can go anywhere, even internationally. Malishka regards them as pigeons and will do romantic gutargu.

Balwinder inquires of Guddu about the meals he obtained at the hotel. Guddu thinks it’s excellent. Balwinder claims it is not appealing to him. He laments his fate. Guddu claims that if you had been caught, everyone would have thrashed you. Balwinder informs Rishi that he told him Ravan would win, that he retained Ravan’s moustache and changed ten disguises, and that he would get retribution.

Ayush inquires of Rishi about his trip to Bangalore. Rishi asks, “Yes, why are you hyper?” Ayush claims that I am hyperactive and that foreign delegations are sending someone to examine the food. He says they enjoy the hotel and that their main worry is food, and that if they like food, our revenues would quadruple. Rishi thinks it’s OK. Ayush says you won’t be here tomorrow; how will I manage without you? Food isn’t my thing. He claims I can manage and amuse them, but not with food.

He claims there will be a major issue and asks if I would cancel it. Let me think, said Rishi. Malishka appears and says, “I will assist you.” Ayush invites Rishi to accompany him and claims that females can manage food. According to Malishka, our hotel will have stars. Ayush predicts that our celebration will be a huge success since Lakshmi bhabhi will be in charge. Lakshmi is taken aback. Ayush thinks you’re the finest chef, person, and so on. Malishka claims I was referring to myself.

Ayush claims that it is now her idea and that everyone would be thrilled with her meal. Rishi affirms. Lakshmi requests that they help her comprehend. Rishi says you have to do your magic at the hotel, which I know you can do. He says the hotel is now your responsibility. Ayush gives Lakshmi hugs and praises her. He claims she will get full credit. Rishi grins as he asks who her husband is. Malishka becomes agitated and says Rishi would have said this for me, and Ayush is belittling me, as if I don’t exist. Lakshmi, she says, I despise you.

Lakshmi tells Rishi late at night that she will not miss him. He says don’t miss me, but do you think I won’t miss you since you bother me so much? I’m not talking to you, according to Lakshmi. He asks whether you won’t chat after I go. She replies no and falls asleep. She wonders how she can remain without missing you; you are in her breaths and she will miss you as much as she breathes. He feels the same way and adds, “I’ll miss you the amount of times I take a breath.” A song is playing….. They are sleeping.

The next day, Virender questions Rishi about keeping all of the meeting documents. Neelam requests that he eat on time. Dadi requests that he deliver the goodies. Rishi nods and turns to face Lakshmi. Malishka arrives and wishes Rishi the best. She believes that anything you do is best. Rishi adds, “I’m leaving now,” and embraces Virender, Dadi, and others. Lakshmi believes he left without saying goodbye. Rishi believes she did not speak to me; what does she believe of herself?

Lakshmi believes he was speaking to everyone but me. Rishi claims that I shall not miss her. Lakshmi claims that she, too, would not miss you. Ayush walks in and says, “Lakshmi…Bhabhi.” He tells her to get dressed since they have to travel to the hotel. Lakshmi wonders where you acquire such ideas. He claims that he has had similar thoughts since Shalu entered his life. Malishka arrives and announces that she is going to the workplace. Ayush asks, “Why you?” What’s the big issue, replies Malishka, I’ll help. He claims that if you come there with malicious intentions or to harm Bhabhi, you would only be wounded.

He claims he is sceptical of you because of what occurred in puja with Lakshmi. Malishka inquires whether this is the same Ayush who was complimenting her. Ayush claims that I had a quarrel with Lakshmi at the time. Malishka promises she’ll be there to assist. Lakshmi informs Ayush that they would let her come and that we will concentrate on our job. Ayush thinks you’re the finest. He asks her to claim she is the finest. Lakshmi confirms, “I am.”

Neelam informs Virender that Ayush placed a high level of faith in Lakshmi. Virender believes Lakshmi is qualified. Neelam says I’ll speak to Rishi, whether he knows or not. Rishi, according to Virender, has sent her there. According to Neelam, there is a distinction between home cooking and professional cuisine. She adds that presentation is important as well. Chefs, according to Virender, are available for this purpose.

According to Neelam, you have chosen to treat her like your daughter. According to Virender, you would also adopt her as your daughter. Neelam claims that it is impossible since she is auspicious. She claims she would never accept her and that she sent Malishka there to ensure that nothing bad occurs at the hotel as a result of Lakshmi. Malishka, she claims, is her true daughter. Virender explains that when your intellect stops functioning, there would be no need for your eyes, and that Malishka will tell you how Lakshmi conducted herself today.

Ayush informs the cooks that Lakshmi is Rishi’s wife and instructs them to carry out her instructions. Lakshmi inquires whether they are aware of the occasion and states that we must do everything and win. The chef inquires as to what she should do and addresses her as Maam. Lakshmi requests that they address her as bhabhi and shares her thoughts with them. She describes them as her family. Malishka believes they are like her family and believes she may be Servant rather than Owner, since class and prestige are required to be Owner, which I have. She claims that very soon, she will be here as Malishka Rishi Oberoi, and you will be severely offended, and I will triumph.

Rishi arrives for the meeting, hoping that Lakshmi would manage everything at the Mumbai hotel. He believes Lakshmi is now solely responsible. Rishi dials Lakshmi’s number and greets her. Lakshmi bids him farewell and inquires if he arrived safely. Rishi claims you were concerned about me and had ten missed calls. Lakshmi claims she was too busy with work to call. She said she missed him and cooked dishes in his honour. Rishi expresses his dissatisfaction with the situation. Lakshmi arrives and asks what you think. Rishi thinks you’re the finest, and I’ve left you alone, so you’re feeling lonely. Lakshmi begs him to check whether anybody is around and promises that she would add so much chilli that criticism will be silenced.

Malishka notices her. Rishi chuckles. Lakshmi says you look nice when you smile, that she will manage everything here, and that he should handle the meeting properly. She assures you that everything will be OK and that your name will rise to great heights. Rishi thinks it’s a good thing I contacted you, and that nothing bad can happen while you’re with me. Malishka becomes agitated.

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