Bhagya Lakshmi 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Written Episode of Bhagya Lakshmi 15th October 2022 Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

Ayush begins the episode by confessing to Lakshmi that he became enraged upon witnessing Bhai’s wound. Lakshmi cautions him to use caution in the future. She claims that Balwinder came here with a purpose and is aware of his potential for capture. Balwinder’s legs will be shattered, according to Ayush. What would he do, his buddy Balwinder asks him? Balwinder promises to do it secretly and securely. Malishka, he claims, has dug her own grave and made a mistake by betraying me. He begins to move. Malishka is instructed by Kiran to go to Rishi and inform him of all of Balwinder’s activities. She advises you to stop thinking and embellish your narrative so that Rishi would buy it. According to Malishka, we won’t do this. As long as Balwinder is secure, you are protected, according to Kiran. As a result, go notify Rishi so she won’t become stuck.

She feels that soon Malishka convinces Rishi to trust her, everything will be well. Rishi explains to Lakshmi his plan to have Balwinder stand in place of the idol of Ravan and shoot him with an arrow. My blood is boiling so fiercely, he claims. Lakshmi remarks that you are really ruining her mood and inquires as to why she had to battle with him by herself. She calls Balwinder a large thug and queries Rishi as to why he dealt with Balwinder alone. He claims that Rishi is an iron man. If you have it in writing that nothing can happen to you, Lakshmi inquires. The glass is thrown on the ground by her. She is asked to pour another glass by Rishi. He is forced to drink water by Lakshmi, who then enters his arms. While Rishi is holding her, their eyes connect. Malishka arrives and yells at Rishi. What are you doing here, Rishi queries? Lakshmi inquires as to your yelling. Malishka inquires as to the situation. She invites Rishi to come and says she wants to speak with him. Rishi says he doesn’t keep anything from Lakshmi and urges her to tell him in front of her. Malishka says you may, but I don’t want to express my emotions to her. If Rishi cares about her, she requests that he come to her. As he becomes anxious, Rishi sips water.

Malishka leaves and considers how to react to Rishi forgetting my love and concern so quickly. She remembered wanting to kill herself to frighten him. She claims that if he appears before I reach five, it will be shown that he loves me. Lakshmi is informed by Rishi that he will come and depart. Malishka counts to five before turning to look at Rishi. She claims, “I know my heart is correct; Rishi still loves me and has abandoned Lakshmi there.” There, Lakshmi appears. Malishka believes she is here to obstruct their path. Malishka is asked to halt as she moves by Rishi. Shalu and Lakshmi clash as she follows Rishi. She claims that Malishka kidnapped Rishi so they could speak alone. If she’s envious, Shalu queries. Lakshmi objects, but how can Rishi go without her given that they are married? You are envious, claims Shalu. I trust Rishi, but I don’t trust Malishka, says Lakshmi. I have a right to him since she claims he is my spouse. She claims that while she is unsure of how long she will be with him, she wants to be with him always. Malishka appears and shows up exactly on Rishi, according to her. As per Shalu, it is known as love.

Malishka enters the space. When Rishi arrives, he inquires about her intended response. Malishka gives him a tight embrace and begs him to listen to her heartbeat. Rishi asks whether she phoned to do this and then requests that she leave him. Yes, says Malishka. Rishi claims he can’t speak to her in this space because he doesn’t want to enrage Lakshmi. Malishka says we will speak at a different location.

Balwinder begs his companion to leave after opening the door. He promises to get vengeance on Malishka. Malishka explains to Rishi that she has a question for him and inquires as to whether or not he still loves her. She claims that because of your Kundali, I married you to Lakshmi out of love for you. She claims that when I asked you to stop flirting with her, you felt terrible for marrying her and endangering her life. We now see that your kundali has no dosh, and Lakshmi’s kundali is insufficient to rescue him. She claims that I urged you to avoid being nice to her. Why did you call me here?, asks Rishi. Malishka claims that it is the cause of everything that is occurring in this home. She receives juice from the waiter (Balwinder’s buddy) as well as tissue paper. Additionally, he offers Rishi juice. Rishi consumes. Malishka notices Balwinder’s note on it, telling her to meet him in the guest room or he’ll give Lakshmi the pendrive with the hotel video.

Lakshmi is urged by Shalu not to worry. I have seen Malishka’s truth when Lakshmi said she can go to any extent. Jiju is yours, and he will be yours alone, adds Shalu, urging her to have faith in herself and her love. Malishka is questioned by Rishi about her inaction and her intended response. You wanted to tell me something, he claims. The tissue paper is torn by Malishka and thrown. She claims she wants to discuss the attire used during Diwali. What is she concealing, Rishi wonders? We used to match each other’s outfits, she recalls, adding that she no longer wants to speak to him before leaving. When she meets Balwinder, she thinks back to Abhay’s warning that Balwinder is just as dangerous as he is. Come Malishka, I’ll offer Lakshmi a pendrive, believes Balwinder.

Rishi speculates that Malishka was undoubtedly concealing something. On the floor, he discovers the tissue. When Neelam enters the guest room, she assumes Malishka is not there. Balwinder considers talking to Malishka to finalise all the computations. Rishi picks up the fragments of shredded tissue and discovers a note in the chamber. He selects further ripped papers but is unable to read it. Lakshmi and Shalu show there and listen to Rishi. Rishi believes Balwinder intended to speak to his buddy via this paper note and believes he has something planned for the property. Malishka wonders whether she can catch him, but she decides against it since he has a pendrive. Balwinder uses a towel to cover Malishka’s face, but when he spots Neelam, he hides once again. When Neelam turns to go, Malishka is struck. Malishka plummets.

Neelam apologises and explains that she has come looking for her. Malishka surmises that Neelam missed Balwinder. She wants her to go and claims to have hurt her ankle. Neelam promises to get Sonia to assist her. Balwinder believes Neelam was dispatched by Malishka to capture him. If Malishka spoke to you alone, Lakshmi inquires of Rishi as to why she went. She queries if you continued to see her by yourself following our wedding. Shalu worries that they could clash. She believes she has to stop Di when she sees Dadi laughing. When Sonia arrives, she asks Neelam why she called her. Malishka couldn’t stand, Neelam claims, and she requests to be taken to the guest room. Malishka responds, “Not here,” and considers leaving to use another room so she may return and meet Balwinder. She is told to relax in the guest room by Neelam and Sonia. She will feel like a visitor, according to Malishka. Come to my room, Neelam says, thinking that she is a sanskari and sushil girl (a girl with strong morals and humility), who has apologised and is my choice.

In a conversation, Virender claims that Rishi and Lakshmi are innocent. Ayush trips over and remarks that it’s a good thing Mama wasn’t watching because else he would have rushed over to me. He notices that the wood logs are shifting and are going to fall on Virender.

Malishka said that she wishes to wear fancy clothing during Diwali, and Rishi informs Lakshmi of this. Shalu arrives and removes Lakshmi from the location. She questions your motives for wanting to agitate the two of you. Rishi gets congratulated by Dadi. Rishi claims that when Lakshmi was interrogating me, you were joyful. He claims that she is angry with me and has shot an arrow at my heart. When asked what Malishka was saying, Dadi responds that she wants something sweet and claims that if she had been at home, she would have grabbed your collar. Rishi explains the reason for Lakshmi’s actions. Lakshmi, according to Dadi, was acting like a good wife.

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