Bhagya Lakshmi 15th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Lakshmi stares at him

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 15 June 2022 Written Episode on

The episode begins with Ahana leaving the home and telling Gautam that she is going out with him to display the house before the roka. Lakshmi congratulates him and asks Ahana whether she plans to return home by herself. According to Gautam, I’ll dump her. Lakshmi enters the chamber where she observes Rishi sleeping and requesting water in his sleep.

She pours him a glass of water and makes him sit down to sip it. Ayush is thanked by him. Lakshmi maintains she is Lakshmi and not Ayush. He opens his eyes and says it’s excellent that you’ve arrived; I need to speak with you. Lakshmi says you are not comprehending what you are saying and saying this. Rishi states, “I need to speak with you,” before falling asleep owing to his intoxicated condition. Lakshmi stares at him.

Kiran requests that Shankar shut the door. She sees Malishka approaching and says, “What’s up? You said we’d chat once you got home, so where did you go?” Malishka remembers Lakshmi’s statement to her that Rishi had touched her soul. If weeping solves issues, according to Kiran, then I will also cry. She inquires whether Rishi said anything. Malishka becomes enraged, begins tossing objects, and rips a cushion. She claims that I curse Lakshmi and her unborn child, which will perish before delivery. Kiran hits her and demands that she regain consciousness. She claims that you lost everything because of your rage. Malishka declares, “I am furious; I want to kill Lakshmi.”

Bhagya Lakshmi
Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

She claims that Rishi says he loves me and wants to marry me, so how could he have done this? She claims he will enrage me. Kiran states that it is your fault that you did not approach Rishi and that it is my fault that I should have urged you to break all barriers, given that you are going to marry him. She states that she believed you to be contemporary and everything. She adds regardless, did you speak to Rishi and asked him? She states that Lakshmi, not you, will be in this situation. Malishka claims that Rishi was intoxicated when I argued with Lakshmi. Kiran states that Lakshmi is unsuitable for you, and that you should have pursued him instead. Malishka says tomorrow is Ahana’s roka. Kiran instructs you to seize Rishi’s neck and question him tomorrow.

Rishi gets a call from an employee in the morning. The employee states that you had promised to attend the meeting and that he had to go early since there is roka at home. Rishi says alright, I am coming. He awakens and discovers Lakshmi sleeping on the sofa. He awakens her and inquires, “Where did you go last night? I need to speak with you immediately.” The employee contacts Rishi again to inform him that he is outside his residence and wants to advise him about the upcoming meeting. Rishi prepares for the day. Lakshmi selects clothing for him.

Why did Virender and Karishma decorate their home in Punjabi style? Dadi states that I did and that even the mother of our successor enjoys it. Virender asks Lakshmi? Lakshmi offers the decorators tea and requests that they inform her if they any assistance. Then, she brings Dadi tea. Dadi asks did you add clove? Lakshmi says yes. Dadi reports that Lakshmi rises early in the morning and Rishi has left for work. Lakshmi says he will arrive shortly. Devika returns from the dormitory and meets Ahana. Virender warns Lakshmi from repeating her lunchtime error.

Lakshmi does a head nod. Dadi begs Lakshmi to approach her and asks, “Do you believe in God?” Lakshmi says yes. Dadi places her palm on her head and declares that all will soon be resolved. Both Karishma and Virender visit Neelam. Virender reports that she is sleeping, which is satisfactory. Karishma clutches a vase which is going to collapse. Virender claims she is in deep slumber. Karishma thinks we should ask Lakshmi how she became pregnant because they are divorcing. Virender said that Rishi would be questioned after the roka.

Malishka visits Rishi at his office. An employee attempts to stop her. Malishka arrives in the conference room and asks Rishi to meet her. Rishi emerges to speak with her. Malishka states that she was unable to breathe as she pondered why she had done this to her. He requests two minutes of her time, citing an essential meeting, and urges her to have faith in him.

Malishka claims that you have backstabbed me and that your five “I love you’s” were lies. She claims that your assurances were false and asks where you touched Lakshmi. She informed me that you touched her soul when she asked where you touched her. Rishi is surprised. Malishka asserts that you are much inferior to Lakshmi and more suited to her than to me. She states, “I am through with you; you will regret greatly.” She leaves. Rishi gets angry and throws a garbage can. He returns to the meeting room. It is continued by Ayush. Rishi becomes angry and leaves the meeting room. Ayush states that he will attend the meeting. Rishi remembers the lovely moment he had with Lakshmi before leaving the workplace.

Malishka arrives at home. Kiran inquires, “Are you not going?” Malishka explains why you want to go there and where Rishi is. Kiran inquires if you wanted to marry Rishi. Malishka claims he will become a parent. Kiran asserts that the court will grant a divorce for a fee. She states that she will not damage their household items since she purchased them. She predicts that a major drama would unfold there and that Karishma and Neelam will interrogate Lakshmi. She states that Neelam is the only one who can teach Rishi a lesson and instructs her to prepare herself so that she seems attractive. She instructs you to flirt with the other men and avoid Rishi. Malishka claims that I recently fought with him. Kiran says to Lakshmi, “You did wrong, and now you will suffer the consequences.”

Dadi asks Lakshmi whether she is not too exhausted to continue working and if she is a machine. Lakshmi exclaims, “You terrified me!” and adds, “Why haven’t you behaved this way with me in the last several days?” Dadi adds I used to perform with much difficulty, but after learning of your pregnancy, I gave up acting. Lakshmi states, “I know you adore me.” Rishi returns home. Dadi reports that your baby’s father has returned home. Rishi informs Lakshmi that he wants to speak with her.

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