Bhagya Lakshmi 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Written Episode of Bhagya Lakshmi 14th October 2022 Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

Balwinder gets struck by Rishi in the beginning of the episode. He may also be struck, according to Balwinder. I’ll shut my eyes, then you may strike me, says Rishi. He averts his gaze. When Balwinder has a moment, he phones Malishka. Malishka informs Kiran that Neelam instructed her to do a tilak and give the weapon to Rishi while she is occupied with Neelam and Kiran.

Neelam claims that you are fortunate for my kid and myself. Malishka answers the phone. Rishi puts the phone on the bed after opening his eyes. Balwinder urges Rishi to have him jailed and queries why he brought him to his room. Malishka, who hears everything, is startled. Balwinder feels that Malishka may have heard him as he apologises to Rishi. On Rishi’s head, he smashes a vase. After suffering an injury, Rishi declares that he is certain that he came to do something bad. When Malishka sees Kiran working, she leaves. I will turn you over to the police, Rishi declares.

Where is Bani, inquires Ayush? I am in front of you, Bani claims. Shalu, who shows up by herself to quarrel with me, claims Ayush that she doesn’t miss you. Are you both engaged, Bani queries? Ayush gives a yes and a no response. Lakshmi beams. When she compliments him, Shalu asks Ayush. Shalu claims that she compliments him secretly. Where is Rishi Bhai, he inquires? He could be with someone, according to Lakshmi. Ayush dials his phone. Shalu claims to be Jhalla. My in-laws are my closest friends, according to Lakshmi. Through the window, Malishka enters the kitchen and considers what to do.

Rishi claims that you are standing in front of his Lakshmi and threatens to kill you if you do. Due to the fire alarm, Malishka considers burning something to unlock all of the door locks. Rishi strikes Balwinder. Balwinder is being beaten up for the witch and believes he didn’t get Lakshmi. Burning the papers while keeping them close to the fire alarm, Malishka wonders why it isn’t sounding.

You wish to marry Lakshmi, according to Rishi. Since you are divorcing her and Balwinder loves Malishka, she urges him to go ahead and marry her. He responds, “Yes, I want to marry her.” He predicts that I will wed Lakshmi. They engage in combat. The fire alarm sounds as the door opens. Balwinder exits the room quickly. Since no one was at home, Rishi wonders how this could have happened. Malishka praises God for catching him fleeing and considers how to hide her behaviour.

She quickly slips the burned paper inside the cover before bolting out the window. Rishi enters, detects the aroma, and peers out the window. He leaves. Malishka will visit Kiran. Kiran prevents her from seeing Lakshmi. Kiran is visited by Malishka after Lakshmi departs. She informs her that Balwinder was apprehended by Rishi. Malishka receives a call from Balwinder terminating their partnership since she was useless to him. Malishka tells him she used the fire alarm to unlock the door and rescued him, and she begs him to go so she may continue to do so. Balwinder believes that he will stay and complete the task for which he has come.

Balwinder is turning into a cuff for Malishka, and Kiran warns him that he may be apprehended at any moment. She advises you to trap him in a case before he is discovered. If he uses my name, Malishka says. Who will believe Kiran, he claims. Malishka mentions Lakshmi and Ayush. They are harmless, according to Kiran, and if you sacrifice Balwinder, you would be able to marry Rishi. She is heard by Balwinder’s pal.

When Lakshmi sees Rishi arrive, she notices a wound on his forehead. She enquires as to his whereabouts. Balwinder, according to Rishi, is present and he arrived looking for him. Lakshmi rips her dhoti and fastens it on his forehead. He declares that his hairdo won’t be destroyed. There, Neelam and others arrive. Neelam queries how this damage occurred. According to Lakshmi, Balwinder has arrived.

Rishi predicts an unfortunate event will occur here. We shall watch what he does, according to Dadi. We’ll see, says Virender. Karishma claims that since he cooperated with us and bit us, he is a snake. Malishka fakes concern as she inquires about Rishi’s well-being. Balwinder, according to Karishma, arrived here. Malishka makes a show of being startled. According to Rishi, Balwinder was captured and taken to a room, but when the door was unlocked, he fled. He claims I was stunned and that he seized the opportunity to go. He claims that if I had discovered him, I would have forced him to disclose the truth. Lakshmi queries if you’re okay or not.

Dadi asserts that wickedness will inevitably come to an end and that Balwinder and his companions will be apprehended. Rishi is asked by Neelam to spend some time indoors. He is alright, claims Rishi. I shall bandage you after administering medication, according to Lakshmi. When Rishi says the bandage is finished, he wonders what could be better than your dupatta bandage. Similar like tying chunni for puja, he claims he gains power from it. The tilak will look beautiful on this bandage since, according to him, you would apply it to me during the Ravan dahan.

Balwinder scans the group. Balwinder receives a visit from his buddy who informs him that Kiran requested Malishka to sacrifice him. As Rishi is Malishka’s love, Balwinder says he had considered holding off on killing him, but now he will murder both Rishi and Malishka. Rishi welcomes Ayush. Balwinder had came here and left, according to Rishi.

You would have beaten him up, according to Ayush. I want to know why he came here, Rishi says. Balwinder must have departed because of her, according to Ayush, who is preparing to adopt Malishka’s name. He is halted by Lakshmi. Did you adopt Malishka’s name, Rishi inquires. No, says Ayush. There, Virender shows up. Ayush says he disagrees with Lakshmi’s statements and requests that Virender ask Rishi to leave. Rishi leaves. Lakshmi advises Ayush not to notify Rishi because if we do, he would inform Malishka, and once she is aware, we will never be able to capture her. Ayush apologises. According to Lakshmi, our opponent won’t be let free.

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