Bhagya Lakshmi 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Written Episode of Bhagya Lakshmi 13th October 2022 Update on

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

Balwinder thinks to hunt someone to reach inside at the beginning of the episode. He had promised to make him wine, so when his buddy saw him, he inquired as to his whereabouts. If not caught, Balwinder promises to offer him English wine. His pal leaves. Balwinder believes he has been coming here in incognito for a year and anticipates receiving Lakshmi as payment. He anticipates burning two Ravans today. Dadi receives a praise from Karishma on her appearance. At least you mentioned that, Dadi adds, and she asks Virender about everyone. Just as they prepare, he promises, they will arrive. Rishi visits the place. He is prompted to prepare by Neelam. Dadi instructs him to get Lakshmi ready as well. Should I make her get ready, Rishi asks. Naughty, Dadi says and inquires whether he comprehends. She is prompted to speak right by Karishma. Where is Ayush, Neelam queries? As per Virender, he departed. Karishma claims he sings praises for Lakshmi often.

When Rishi enters the room, he finds Lakshmi dressed. He calls it lovely. Lakshmi offers with a grin, “Let’s go.” Yes, says Rishi. She tells him, “You didn’t change your clothing,” and she asks him to do so before asking to go. We’re going together, he adds as he stops her. Is Lakshmi going to see you change? she wonders. Yes, says Rishi. Following his request for her to shut her eyes, he will transform, and they will go. Lakshmi maintains a hand over her eyes. Rishi invites her to look as he gets ready. Lakshmi requests that he first prepare. He claims to have modified his attire. Lakshmi turns to face him. They are dating one another. Plays by Main phir bhi Lakshmi thinks you look nice. Asking her to describe Rishi as attractive. Lakshmi describes him as a gorgeous man. Let’s go, my gorgeous babe, Rishi says.

Balwinder is ready to present Bani with a bouquet when Shalu interrupts. Bani claims that she received a call when she was on the phone with someone else. If he was Balwinder, Shalu queries. Don’t know, says Bani. Balwinder believes he would have accidentally handed Bani the bouquet. He approaches the girl he sees. The girl hits her before leaving. Balwinder becomes angry. When Rishi hears him, he approaches him. He remembers Lakshmi’s chat with Shalu and Ayush when he meets Balwinder. Balwinder, you’ve returned here, he says. He beats him while questioning him why he came, then brings him to his room. Balwinder implores us to consider what has occurred. Bani embraces Lakshmi. Lakshmi apologises and promises to visit and stay with you both once everything is back to normal.

Bani and Shalu get joyful. Bani queries Shalu about a quarrel between Jiju and Di. No, says Lakshmi. Malishka should not be ignored, Shalu warns, or she can divide you from Jiju. Balwinder is warned by Rishi to confess the truth or else he would be beat. Says Balwinder, “Don’t hit me.” Rishi inquires as to your activities throughout the Lakshmi’s case. Balwinder claims to adore Lakshmi and had visited her because he was concerned about her. He is asked by Rishi not to discuss love. Balwinder claims he is speaking the truth. What were you doing at the hotel when that event occurred, Rishi inquires? If Balwinder viewed the video, he says. When Virender calls, Rishi answers and announces his arrival. Balwinder claims he didn’t visit the hotel and claims he can’t recall the last time he did.

You didn’t go when poison had been placed into the dish, according to Rishi. You have admitted, according to Balwinder, that you tainted the meal. He claims that if I had intended to murder anybody, I would have murdered everyone. Rishi inquires as to your whereabouts that evening. Balwinder tells a fib and requests that he prove it to his pals. He begs Rishi to force him to drink water while attempting to flee. According to Rishi, the door is automatically locked. I am aware that you poisoned the meal to lure Lakshmi into a trap, he claims. Balwinder claims, “I didn’t do,” and ponders if he should be honest with him. He believes that he came to murder Rishi but ended up becoming stuck.

Virender claims that Rishi told him to come. Lakshmi, according to Dadi, arrived just now. When Malishka arrives, she asks Neelam to speak. Neelam informs Malishka that while Rishi will do Ravan dahan, you will first give him the sword and perform his tilak. This is incorrect, claims Virender. Lakshmi, according to Dadi, will provide Rishi a weapon and perform his tilak. Neelam wants only her well-wishers and auspicious girls to do the rite since she believes Lakshmi is unlucky. In order for no one to oppose at that moment, she claims she is informing them. Dadi and Virender get agitated. Balwinder gets struck by Rishi after he demands an admission from him over the hotel incident. Balwinder stumbles and hits the bed.

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