Bhagya Lakshmi 13th June 2022 Written Update

Lakshmi’s Pregnancy Shocks Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 13 June 2022 Written Episode on

At the beginning of this episode, Ayush reveals to Rishi that Lakshmi has ambitions of becoming the head of this household. Virender claims that she has convinced Ahana and Dadi to support her. She will slowly win everyone on to her side of the argument. Rishi inquires as to the rationale for his father’s statements. Malishka arrives there with Kiran and explains that he is aware of her reality, but that sometimes you choose to blindfold yourself. Kiran arrives at the location, explains that she is coming to meet Neelam, and requests that Malishka show her to Neelam’s room.

Rishi inquires as to the reason why Kiran aunty is acting as if Malishka resides in this location. Virender said that she is going to become our bahu in the near future. Rishi claims that we are not married just yet. Neelam is now recovering and received the injured ankle due of Lakshmi, so Virender asks what it is that you desire. Shalu inquires of Bani about the reason why she messaged di. Bani said in the message that she had been thinking about her and missed her. Bani inquires as to the reason of your communication stating that you are wounded.

Virender makes an effort to convince Rishi that Neelam’s injury and subsequent hospitalisation are the direct result of Lakshmi’s actions. He wants to know whether you are unable to see. Rishi claims that I have seen it. Virender warns her not to say anything because, if she does, he would attribute guilt to him in the same way that Malishka did.

When Dr. Shiv arrived, he informed everyone that there were two pieces of positive news. He reports that all of Dadi’s tests came back normal. Dadi reports that I said that I am doing well. Virender expresses his joy and then inquires about the second piece of news. Shiv starts out by requesting some sweets. Karishma goes to collect sweets. Ayush inquires as to whether or not he engages in the same activities outdoors as well. Shiv claims that since I am his son here, I do this and not anything else. Malishka replies, “I will deliver the sweets,” and then she asks Shiv to inform everyone about the wonderful news.

According to Shiv, the next heir to the Oberoi family is going to grow up, and Lakshmi and Rishi are going to have a child together to raise him or her. Lakshmi travels to that location and is able to hear him. Rishi is taken aback by this. As a result of her surprise, Malishka drops the box of sweets. Everyone becomes tensed. Ahana grins. Lakshmi looks on.

Rano inquires of Bani, “Didn’t you reprimand Neha?” Then I don’t understand why you messaged Lakshmi. She inquires whether or not I should kill Neha. She claims that you spoke negatively about me to your sister and then phoned her here. Neha responds by saying, “Who cares? Let her come.” Rano asserts, “I am not afraid of her, and I will offer her laddoo, so let her come.” Bani is reprimanded by her. Bani departs. According to Shalu, she is a very young woman. Neha is asked what she thinks about Rano’s accusation that she reprimanded her before. Shalu departs. Neha receives a reprimand from Rano, who then requests that she paint her nails.

Rishi investigates the pregnancy reports and discovers that they are favourable. He experiences surprise and then glances at Lakshmi. Lakshmi goes out. Shiv is confused as to why everyone is so quiet. I just told them the wonderful news, so I assumed they would be pleased. Rishi is questioned about his involvement in the family planning process. Rishi tells him to stay quiet and continues the conversation.

The Shiv is used. Karishma inquires about the goings-on in this home, namely about the upcoming divorce and the new baby. The good news comes from Kiran, my foot. I was relieved to not have heard such terrible news. Ahana says I am going to my room. Dadi says sister’s nek and gives her nek. She claims that if the sister becomes an aunt, the brother will donate nek, but after witnessing how everyone is feeling, it’s possible that he won’t contribute. Virender inquires as to what it is that you are stating. Dadi reports that she is doing really well.

She is experiencing chills as small baby gets closer to their home, and she claims this is because of the anticipation. According to Virender, Rishi and Lakshmi have decided to dissolve their marriage. Dadi claims Lakshmi is pregnant. Malishka retreats to a private space and shuts the door behind her. Kiran asserts that my daughter has broken her trust. Rishi approaches Malishka from behind and raps on the front door. Rishi hears from Kiran that he intended to be engaged to Malishka, but Rishi wonders why Kiran really did it. She claims that you are capable of handling things on your own. Rishi says Malishka… Kiran tells him to go immediately in order to save his reputation.

When Lakshmi arrives, Rano is there to greet her. Bani embraces her. Lakshmi inquires about what took transpired. Neha claims that I first dragged her and then pushed her, which ultimately resulted to her falling into the wall. Lakshmi asks whether she is hurt? Bani cries. Rano arrives at the scene and scolds Bani while also inquiring about the number of stitches she received. Shalu argues. Rano has told me that I have a lot of problems because of all of you. She asks whether or if your parents have reprimanded you for your behaviour. While I was holding her hand, Neha informed me that she was sobbing. She claims that if someone else had slapped her between two and four times, she wouldn’t have wept over it. Shalu is curious as to why other people would smack her. Lakshmi says I will speak to Bani. She inquires about what took transpired. Bani embraces her. Lakshmi tells her that she is in front of her and then wants her to explain what took transpired. Shalu has said that she cannot function without you and is missing you. Bani embraces Lakshmi.

Rishi knocks on Malishka’s door and tells her that he has to speak to her immediately. Malishka opens the door for him. Malishka tells the other person, “I simply don’t want to speak to you,” and then she tells him to go. Kiran tells him to go and says they will speak if there is anything more left to discuss after telling him that his daughter does not want to talk to him. Rishi departs from that location. Kiran gives the door a knock and then politely requests that Malishka open it. Rishi mulls about the episode of Lakshmi passing out in the temple and Shiv informing him of the good news.

Karishma inquires of Virender about what the next step would be. What does Virender have to say? If Neelam bhabhi finds out, Karishma has something to say about it. Virender assures her that she would never find out, since Neelam will show no mercy to Lakshmi or even Rishi. Kiran arrives there and reports that Lakshmi has finally succeeded in capturing Rishi. She claims that she did this in order to remain here, but how did Rishi manage to do this? She claims that Lakshmi is the owner of the gold mine and that Oberoi’s blood runs in her veins. Karishma claims that she is only joking around with us. Kiran claims that she is also winning, and that despite the fact that she became pregnant at a time when nobody liked her, no court can ever separate them. She predicts that throughout this time of pregnancy, they will get closer, and Rishi would never leave Lakshmi without allowing her to view the baby. This is based on her knowledge of Rishi.

After speaking with Lakshmi, Rishi hangs on to the phone. He grabs a glass of wine and starts drinking. He makes another call to Lakshmi. Lakshmi is so focused on putting Bani to sleep that she is oblivious to his calls. Rishi receives a visit from Ayush, who telephones him. Rishi has informed me that Malishka does not want for us to communicate further. Kiran enters the room and requests that Malishka refrain from giving her that look while she is there. She informs you that you are also the cause for this and that you will either completely get him or not get him at all. She claims that Rishi follows you around, and that Lakshmi has been with him for the last two months while acting in this manner. She explains the reasons why you were unable to do this task whereas Lakshmi was able to. Malishka claims that you are her mother and that you are saying this. Kiran says I am a lady too. She claims that Lakshmi done a significant act, and that you are sobbing because of it here. She wants to know why you haven’t shared the happy news that you and Rishi are going to have a child together yet. She explains why you did not tell them this information. Malishka inquires as to whether or not you are joking, explains that she and Rishi have not yet tied the knot, and wonders whether or not you would have enjoyed it. Kiran states that she would have preferred it if Rishi and your kid had been the ones to have the baby. Malishka claims that she loves him and does not want to engage in any kind of playful interaction with him. Kiran believes that love is a game, and she intends to play all of her cards.


Rishi will have to pick if he wants a kid or his parents and relatives, according to Virender. It was Lakshmi who told me that my marriage to Rishi would not be easy to end, and now I have a reason to continue living with him. A drunken Rishi assures Ayush that he is content in his current condition of being. Lakshmi is confronted by Malishka, who asks her whether she became pregnant as a result of magic, as he saw her and she became pregnant. She inquires as to whatever part of your body he touched. Lakshmi yells here. Malishka is taken aback by this.

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