Bhagya Lakshmi 10th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Rishi And Lakshmi Do The Puja Together

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Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

On the opening of the Episode, Malishka tells Dadi that she can join Rishi for a puja. Only a married couple, according to Dadi, does the puja in this language. Karishma inquires as to the beliefs of those in the know. Dadi claims that’s true, and I take her word for it. She wants Ahana to go alone and do the pooja there. In Rishi’s words, I’m going to abduct Ahana and force her to perform the puja.

Malishka escorts him to his room by holding his hand. What’s the point of bringing him here if she can’t say what she wants to? Rishi wonders. He inquires about your behaviour in front of your family and why he brought me here. When Lakshmi wants him to stop talking, Malishka tells him he has just the right to touch you and your body. This is what Rishi believes Lakshmi thinks of my actions. He claims that he’s gone insane. If you had a disagreement with Malishka that night, she inquires. The fact that Rishi claims I’m heading to the temple has enraged me.

She makes her way to the ground. Malishka had no choice but to accompany him. Why are you going? Dadi inquires. Malishka warns that the temple will be empty if no one visits. Dadi says it’s OK. Malishka tells me she doesn’t understand why other people don’t like me. Lakshmi says she won’t mind either way. “I don’t see why you’re making such a big deal out of a minor matter,” she adds. Malishka believes you’ve created a problem. There is no need for me to say anything, Lakshmi tells me. By criticising her, Karishma misunderstands Lakshmi.

Because Malishka is here, she tells her to quit being such a jerk. No one is allowed in the family except guests, says Lakshmi. We’re heading to the temple, so come out if you understand what we’re doing. Malishka inquires as to whether Karishma and Dadi were aware of how she spoke to her. “God knows when two months are going to finish,” she says. The car’s door is opened by Lakshmi. Malishka is in the driver’s seat. Lakshmi urges Rishi to drive quickly as she rides in the rear seat.

It’s Malishka’s question: How can you expect Rishi to drive so rapidly, given that he’s already a driver. When Lakshmi inquires as to why I referred to him as “driver,” I inform her that he is actually her husband. Asked him to hurry up because Ahana is hungry and would have food when she gets back, she claims. They’re having a disagreement. Play a song for Malishka. The songs are Rishi’s own compositions. The songs bring Lakshmi and Rishi to tears. Ahana inquires as to how long the process will take. Rishi says five minutes.

He asks Dadi whether Karishma is afraid of the dark. How will I terrify you? Who scares others? Dadi asks. Her question is for Mukesh. What should I say to Mukesh, he asks? ‘If I frighten you,’ replies Karishma. Dadi claims she has something to say and promises that the wedding will take place as soon as possible. Karishma wonders how we can get married right away without going through any additional rites of passage.Lakshmi and Malishka aren’t friends, but Dadi tells her not to ruin the ceremonies just because she doesn’t like them. Karishma inquires as to what you mean. Dadi claims that you’ve grasped the meaning of what she’s said.

The pallu of Lakshmi gets caught in the automobile window. Rishi is the name she uses. Rishi inquires as to why she is wasting her time here. If he hadn’t secured the car, Lakshmi claims she wouldn’t have phoned him. She releases her pallu as Rishi unlocks the door. For the sake of winning, Rishi encourages her to take responsibility for her actions and apologise. When are you going to be a winner, asks Lakshmi? Malishka inquires as to what is happening. Rishi is ready to utter a sigh of relief. “I’m asking you,” Malishka adds, “and you got your pallu hooked on purpose so that you could call him.”

According to Lakshmi, I don’t need an excuse to contact my spouse, but she claims that some do, especially those who force a relationship. After all, they’ve come to conduct puja, Rishi tells them. Ahana inquires about the aarti thaali from Malishka. Aarti may be found everywhere, thinks Lakshmi, and she turns to Malishka for guidance. Ahana confronts Lakshmi about what just transpired.

She claims that EMI gets angry from time to time. Lakshmi is feeling a little woozy. It’s obvious to Rishi. Ahana inquires about Lakshmi. Lakshmi rejects the idea. In Malishka’s presence, Rishi reveals to her that Lakshmi has become dizzy and is on the verge of passing out. Malishka begs him not to pay attention to Lakshmi’s presence. Rishi has decided to pray for himself.

During the puja, Malishka joins Rishi on his seat. To which Pandit ji responds, “Get up.” Malishka claims to be Rishi’s future bride, according to her. In Pandit ji’s opinion, only married couples can sit. “If there isn’t a married pair,” Malishka argues, “then what?” For puja, then the girl is alone with him. When Malishka tells Lakshmi she wants to end the rite, she tells her to get up. They go outdoors with Lakshmi. Rishi follows suit. As Lakshmi tells Malishka, they’re here to perform puja as Dadi requested.

If a little child can tell how afraid you are, how much more so can they? She blames you for a lot of things that happened at home. Malishka claims it’s all your fault. When Rishi arrives, he tells them to halt their squabbles. Lakshmi claims I told the same story to her. Malishka wants Rishi to inform Lakshmi about what Malishka has told him about He claims he won’t tell Lakshmi since she won’t protest, but you do. His words are clear:

“I have to conduct puja with you. You can’t sit with me.” So he enters the temple and leaves her there alone. Malishka receives a phone call from Karishma. Malishka claims she has no idea what has transpired and that Rishi has abandoned her. Karishma inquires as to what has transpired. It was Malishka’s wish to join him for a puja, but he stated it was against the tradition. Karishma asserts that we adhere to traditions and informs us that Rishi would continuously sit with Lakshmi during the ceremonies.

This pain is too much for Malishka to handle. Karishma promises to show Lakshmi the correct area and claims she’s come up with an idea and begs her to come back to her house. As for how we’ll slander Lakshmi, she promises to tell you. She hangs up on me, believing that since this house would be in her hands and she is also one of my relatives, I should back Malishka. Because she claims to be honest and not be Lakshmi, I am happy to provide my support to her. When Lakshmi returns to the palace, she promises to teach her the actual value and inform her that she is well suited to serve as a servant, even if her kundali is average. She tells him to wait and see; they’ll show him where he belongs.

Immediately following the puja, Pandit ji blesses Lakshmi for a long and happy marriage and for the birth of a healthy family. Because I told you that Rishi was going to marry me. Malishka questions why you’re blessing her now.


An elderly man is held in her arms by Lakshmi as she runs out of the temple. Anybody who comes into contact with Malishka knows exactly who she is. The old guy blesses her and tells her that all of her dreams will come true.

This promise will be fulfilled, says a panditayan to Lakshmi. She turns to Rishi and says, “Markesh, save your spouse.” Rishi nods. Rishi yells at Lakshmi and rushes. Malishka keeps her eyes fixed on the situation. Neelam’s elderly Pandit ji warns Lakshmi about the impending danger to Rishi’s life.

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