Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Manini Threatens Banni

Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 8 June 2022 Written Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Banni inquires of Manini as to whether or not she is capable of singing a lullaby. Manini inquires as to her meaning. Banni claims that Yuvan prefers to drift off to sleep while listening to a lullaby, and he demands that everyone else leave the room except for Manini. For Manini’s benefit, she urges him to observe her singing lullabies and learn how to do so.

Buaji is of the opinion that Banni is correct. There is no time to squander, adds Manini, who is speaking to a person with a limited amount of time on her hands. Banni claims that Manini spends more time getting dressed than she should, and that a mother’s primary focus should be on her kid.

Manini informs Devraj that she has to put up with Banni’s foolish words because of him. As a businessman who feeds 150 people today, Banni tells her to quit disparaging her since she may one day have a home meal delivery service that feeds 15 million people.

As Manini rages, Devraj is warned by Manini to repair Banni. Manini learns through Niyati that Banni is highly astute and adept at dealing with Yuvan. As part of her preparations for the upcoming Ramnavami festival celebration, Manini urges Banni to refrain from bringing food for Yuvan the following day. Banni wants Yuvan to be able to take part in the pooja and the festival.

The following morning, Myra brings Devraj a pizza. It’s festival time, and Devraj wonders how pizza is served. Manini said that Niyati organised this puja because she wanted everyone to get to know one another on this auspicious day.

The absence of Yuvan in the family, says Devraj, is a void. It appears that Niyati will be bringing Manini with him. Niyati has left the building. In the temple, Manini begs Devraj to join her for aarti.

Banni does a puja for her used refrigerator. Considering she doesn’t have to go to Yuvan with food, Vishnu wonders why she made kheer. Banni tells Yuvan that he’s stuck in his head since he’s never encountered somebody who’s had to deal with the difficulties he has. She promises to serve Ram Ji Kheer as Bhogh. Ram appears and taunts her once more, stating he wants her affection just as much as she wants

Yuvan is anxiously awaiting Banni’s arrival and is unhappy to find Niyati instead. In order to do the pooja, she begs him to join her. He assured her that he would join Banni for puja. In the midst of the Ram Navami festivities, Niyati recounts how Manini encouraged her to make a good impression on Devraj while Banni was out of town.

While Banni is on leave, Charmi informs her spouse. As promised, Viraj vows to keep Yuvan amused by making her feel at home. Vishnu tells Ram to be a better person. ‘” Despite her protests, Raja goes ahead and proposes to her. Banni demands that he consume chiles in order to win her hand in marriage.

Niyati claims her name isn’t Banni, it’s Pari. Rasgulla is what he wants her to make instead of Jamun. She informs him that they are not little magic. Niyati is Yuvan Jamun’s home. Raja denies that he has eaten anything.

She promises to cover her uncle’s financial obligations and issues a strong warning: “Stay away.” Yuvan instructs her to use magic to purify herself. Banni will befriend him again if he wears a girl’s garment, say Viraj and Charmi as they approach him. Yuvan is delighted to hear that.

Yuvan, dressed as a female, strolls along the street to celebrate the festival. That Viraj had had Yuvan wear girl’s clothing is what Charmi told Manini. Yuvan’s condition is shown to Banni through a video conference by Myra. Angry with Manini and her colleagues, Banni lashes out.

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