Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Manini Tries To Convince Devraj For Yuvan And Manini’s Marriage

Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 6 June 2022 Written Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written update

In the middle of Banni’s feeding Yuvan, Yuvan asks Bani if he might pose a question. She’s with me on that. He inquires as to what exactly it is that they can reach out and touch, but it is unable to do so. She claims it’s sangeet/music. A correct answer, says Yuvan, who applauds with a clap of his hands.

She is the first person except his mother to give him an accurate response when he asks questions. When it comes to a child’s queries, Banni believes only a mother can answer. As a child, even she was sceptical of her mother, yet one day she became famous.

Yuri claims that he and Yuvan would challenge each other’s mother’s claims. Banni claims to have eaten the whole batch of kheer on purpose. Both of them follow in the wake of the kheer bowl.

‘Do you know Niyati well?’ Devraj inquires of Hemanth. Hemanth asks why he should since Manini knows Niyati so well and he has entire faith in Manini’s decision. Yuvan’s mother, Devraj claims, never showed her son the affection of a mother, and she is now terrified of her son getting married.

He hasn’t yet come to terms with it yet. Hemanth asks why you haven’t tested Niyati if he believes this is Manini’s plot. It’s Hemanth’s belief that she will alter his opinion.

Manini leads Niyati down to the ground floor of their apartment. Devraj and his wife’s blessings are on the line for Niyati. Niyati gratefully accepts their well wishes. Manini recommends Niyati for Yuvan, according to her. Yuvan’s marriage to Devraj must be a great match for him, according to Devraj.

Charmi is told by Viraj that Banni seems to be intelligent. Yuvan has a bad habit of ruining his clothes. Viraj is enraged by him. Banni learns his identity from a coworker. That Niyati is an orphan and a psychiatrist helps Devraj understand Yuvan better, according to Manini.

Yuvan appears before Devraj and promises to eat. There’s a fight breaking out between Viraj and Yuvan, and Banni steps in to stop it. He makes the statement about you. According to Banni, I am the one providing meals to your brother and hope that you remember me. Manini inquires as to if this is a one-of-a-kind encounter. Viraj says not a particular one. Asks Dada Ji whether she worked for him

Devraj claims he paid her to buy food Nd to make Yuvraj take it. Viraj says he can make him eat too and covers Yuvan’s face with kheer. Refrain from misbehaving with your older sibling, Devraj advises. Banni knocks Viraj to the ground by spraying him with foam.

Manini yells at her to halt. Banni’s behaviour with their home boy has prompted her to encourage others to evict her. According to Devraj, you took Niyati with you, but she was unable to provide Yuvan defence when it was required.

Devraj informs Yuvan that he wants a bride who would treat him like a son and protect him like a father, much as his mother did for him. Like you’re saying about Niyati, Manini thinks it’s the same. To illustrate her point, Niyati says she would show him. Banni asks Niyati to wash Yuvan’s face as he leaves. Manini claims that Banni is ruining the ambiance of their home. Banni departs from this location.

Charmi combs her husband’s hair. As time goes on, Brinda explains to Viraj that Banni was right to punish him for his actions with Yuvan. Brinda is sent to the kitchen by Manini. That’s why I instructed Hemant to meet with Viraj and inform him that they can’t take Banni from the home until Devraj is with her.

Viraj is an accomplished violinist. Viraj is upset by the situation. It’s Chandni’s order that they must listen to jetji’s music for the whole night. Manini argues that since Yuvraj is a child, she should refer to him by his given name. He should provide Yuvan sleeping drugs in the event that Virat has a headache and wants to go to bed early.

In lieu of Yuvan’s musical instrument, Niyati threatens she’ll take it from her, too. As Manini points out, if Yuvan insists on singing her a lullaby, she will have to sing it herself, something she isn’t very good at. To help Yuvan sleep, she begs Viraj to teach her how to administer sleeping drugs.


Banni swears to Yuvan that she would continue to serve him her prepared meals as long as he needs it and respects it.

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