Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Vishnu confronts his parents for forsaking Banni

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

She confronts her Mamusa/uncle for defaming her by sharing an intimate photo of her and Yuvan. She claims she has no blood tie with Mamisa/aunty, but Mamusa, as her direct relative, defamed her as she took on the weight of his debt and fulfilled a daughter’s obligation. Mamisa claims they did it for her because they want her to marry Yuvan and protect her from Raja. Banni tells her to quit making excuses since they both would have sold her if they could. She sobs, stating she doesn’t have any close ones. Yuvan cradles her and tells her he is always there for her and will share her half-cries. He weeps with her and consoles her. Banni apologises to Devraj for her family’s cheapness.

Vishnu confronts his parents for forsaking Banni as she cared for them at the expense of her fundamental necessities. He apologises to Banni, who is laying on her feet. Banni soothes him and suggests that Mamusa and Mamisa be punished instead. She leads them to the basti people while holding their hands and revealing that her own mamusa and mamisa defamed her. The Basti people thrash them with their tongues for defaming their own daughter. Banni claims they did it for the sake of the environment, and as punishment, he severes all links with them. Mamusa asks her not to do so because he is her mama/uncle. Banni claims he should have pondered before defaming her and referring to him by name, and that she has made a choice.

She informs Yuvan that she has always been deceived, first by her father and now by her mamusa and mamisa. She requests that Yuvan pick her up as soon as possible and that Devraj not postpone the wedding. Mamisa blackmails Devraj and wants more money in order to avoid mentioning his name in front of Banni. Veer phones Manini, who says she’ll be there shortly. He informs Devraj that Manini is on her way and would not allow Yuvan and Banni to be together.

Banni begins his haldi ceremony. Sulekha, Devraj’s sister, conducts the ceremony on her first and expresses regret for Banni’s uncle and aunt betraying her and promises her that her family is always there for her. Myra then conducts a ceremony and expresses her delight that she would be seeing them shortly. Banni claims she has always looked for her father in her mamusa/uncle, but she did not expect such a betrayal from him. Vishnu says her brother is always faithful to her and requests her not to forget him once they go. Banni forces him to do the haldi ceremony. Myra believes it will take time for her to come to terms with Yuvan, but where she is grieved on one side, she will unify on the other. Yuvan gives her a kind grin. They are all dancing and enjoying the rite.

Manini and Hemant arrive at Banni’s residence and are surprised to find no one there. Hemant questions Veer about why he informed him there is a wedding going on here. They all investigate the home and conclude that the wedding is taking place somewhere else. Manini discovers Devraj’s letter and realises that by the time she reads it, Yuvan would have married Banni, thus Manini should make plans for Banni’s arrival at their home. Sulekha informs Devraj that it’s a good thing he altered the wedding location and recalls him alerting everyone. Banni is interpreted as a bride. Yuvan decorates her hands with mehandi. Devraj requests that Myra prepare Yuvan for the wedding and bring him down. He believes Manini will arrive soon to halt the wedding, so he needs to hurry.

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