Banni Chow Home Delivery 5th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Banni Catches The Culprit Who Defamed Her

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 5th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Banni informs Devraj that she would not marry Yuvan unless she identifies and exposes the person who took and spread her and Yuvan’s false intimate images. Devraj attempts to explain herself. She claims he does not realise that marriage was her mother’s desire and that her mother would suffer if she married with a blemish on her reputation. Devraj scolds Mamusa and Mamisa for their horrible behaviour of sharing Banni and Yuvan’s photo after she departs, saying the situation is out of control. Mamisa claims that if she admits to spreading the photos, Banni would not spare her. Devraj suggests that he marry Banni and Yuvan before his family arrives.

Veer and his family arrive to Banni’s basti/location. Viraj tells him that Devraj is arranging for Yuvan to marry Banni. Veer alerts Manini about the situation. Manini argues Devraj has no right to do so and requests him to halt the marriage for 2-2.5 hours till she arrives. Banni tells Vishnu that she doesn’t believe goon Raja can disseminate the photos since he wasn’t there at the temple; who else could? Yuvan approaches Banni and inquires if she is under stress. Vishnu goes away, asking Banni to seek a solution to her difficulty from Yuvan. Yuvan claims to have seen in a movie that a couple shares everything after marriage, so she may share her 50% stress with him. He enjoys watching movies, according to her. He kneels and delivers SRK’s line, expressing his feelings for her. She is embarrassed.

Vivan inquires about her situation. She states that she wants to know who is spreading their photograph. Yuvan claims that people who make errors are anxious and strive to disguise their uneasiness. Banni claims to have relieved his stress. She grabs the basti and declares that she will find out who disseminated the photo via her technological buddy, who will figure out the source. Mamisa becomes agitated and begs Devraj to keep Banni occupied while she pays the poor technician to quiet up. She threatens Devraj with blaming him if he does not comply. Devraj is taken aback.

Manini panics and tells Hemant that Devraj cannot determine their son’s destiny and begs God to help her understand why she is opposed to Yuvan’s marriage with Banni. Mamisa approaches Techie and pays him to remain quiet and accuse someone else. Techie is stunned and takes money. Veer and his gang arrive at Banni’s residence and warn Devraj not to think of marrying Yuvan to a lowly caterer Banni. Veer threatens to demolish Banni’s home and urges him to wait until Manini arrives. Banni receives a confession video from techie and shatters. Mamisa reappears, claiming to have identified the person responsible for spreading her film. Banni selects a knife and requests that she be killed rather than her character being assassinated.

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