Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Yuvan Gets Hit Protecting Banni

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Devraj reminds Banni that love is the most essential thing for a woman, and she knows that no one can love her more than Yuvan, who would go to any length for her. He recalls how Yuvan has always guarded her and endured suffering to protect her. Banni remembers the occurrences. Devraj claims that since Yuvan is mentally ill, everyone sees his love as immature; other husbands may object to their wives’ career, but Yuvan will openly support her and be glad of her when she succeeds in her company. People from Basti proceed to ransack the residence. Mamusa believes Devraj can persuade Banni to marry Yuvan or else they would suffer further losses.

Goon Raaja incites the basti people to ruin Banni’s tiffins, which Banni treasures the most. Yuvan puts his life on the line to safeguard tiffins. Hemant and Manini arrive to the temple but find no one present. Manini informs Hemant that she heard Devraj was also present here, implying that he is involved in the plot to bring Banni into Yuvan’s life. She asks Veer to go to Banni’s residence and find out what is going on, and she even asks Viraj to inquire about the neighbourhood.

Yuvan preserves Banni’s tiffins and promises not to damage them. He also wants to assist Banni in growing her catering company. He outlines all he did to help Banni. Banni remembers each occurrence. People in Basti believe that the mentally ill youngster should be sent out first. Banni goes to Yuvan’s aid. Both are dragged away by the Basti people. Devraj attempts to assist but is restrained.

Viraj walks in and pulls Yuvan with him. Devraj intervenes. Viraj claims he is devoted to Manini and not to him since Manini pays him. He yanks Yuvan out. Yuvan pleads that he allow him to protect Banni since she is innocent. Viraj believes he should have Yuvan destroyed by basti people today and tells Yuvan that if he confesses his error and suffers the consequences, Banni would be saved. Yuvan concurs. Viraj incites VBasti people to believe that Yuvan has an eye on their basti girl’s honour, and they should punish him. Yuvan is mercilessly trashed by the Basti people. Banni frees herself and battles with the Basti to defend Yuvan. Viraj attempts to strike Yuvan. He is slapped by Banni. Viraj claims that Banni fell in love with Yuvan in order to protect him. Banni announces her engagement to Yuvan.

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