Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Banni awakens in the morning to find Yuvan lying near her

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Mamisa discovers Yuvan and Banni sleeping together and informs Mamusa that she will defame Banni throughout Jodhpur and force her to marry Yuvan. She makes Yuvan and Banni’s intimate photo become viral on social media. Viraj arrives at the temple and calls Manini to inform her that Yuvan and Banni are hiding in Devnagar’s Shiv Parvati temple and that it will take him 6-7 hours to get there. Manini cautions him not to underestimate Banni’s intelligence.

Devraj is taken aback when he sees Yuvan and Banni’s intimate photo. He phones Mamusa and tells him that he received Bannia and Yuvan’s personal photograph from an unknown number. Children, according to Mamusa, have damaged their dignity. Mamisa weeps crocodile tears and declares that the entire city must have seen the video, and that her Banni’s dignity will be ruined. They see Viraj enter the temple. Devraj requests that they do something to prevent Viraj from meeting Yuvan. Mamisa strikes Viraj in the head from behind. Viraj loses consciousness. Then Mamisa and Mamusa conceal him in a storeroom.

Banni awakens in the morning to find Yuvan lying near her. She smacks Yuvan and wonders what he was up to. He goes through the whole story and his mental process. Banni claims she is a girl and that he erred by sleeping on her bed. Yuvan apologises for his inability to grasp anything. Banni storms away, furious.

Manini dials Viraj’s number, but he does not answer. She orders Veer and Anchal to go to the Devnagar temple immediately now. Everyone in the family sees Banni and Yuvan’s personal photo. Hemant tells his family not to answer newspaper inquiries. The phones begin to ring. Veer takes the call. A reporter inquires about his thoughts on Yuvan and Banni’s photo. Relatives begin to contact them as well. Hemant advises his family not to pick up anyone’s phone and claims he has no idea what is going on in this home.

Banni informs Yuvan that they must get in Delhi as soon as possible. Yuvan keeps apologising to her and, seeing musical instruments around, believes he might persuade her with his music. Mamusa and Mamisa are waiting for Devraj to arrive at the temple. Manini informs her family that she would go to Devnagar to get her kid and warns them not to allow Banni into their home.

Yuvan gathers all of the temple attendants by playing bansuri. Banni uses a vehicle to deliver her clients’ tiffins. She hears Yuvan playing music and believes that if someone recognises Yuvan, Manini will be informed, thus she has to stop Yuvan. She approaches softly approaching Yuvan while wearing a veil. A young temple devotee believes Yuvan is attempting to apologise to his lover in an unusual manner. Devrajj arrives to the temple. Banni approaches Yuvan and requests that he come down. Yuvan apologises in front of the microphone for sleeping with her the night before. That is something everyone hears. Yuvan swears he will never sleep with her again. Banni is frozen in place.

Mamisa believes she posted photos across the basti. People in Basti slander Banni. Banni is also tongue lash by temple enthusiasts. Bannni requests them not to criticise Banni because she would get enraged; he admits to sleeping with Banni by accident the night before. Banni attempts to explain, but followers demand that she be thrown out of the shrine. Mamisa pulls Banni aside and tells him that the whole city is talking about her and Yuvan’s connection.

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