Banni Chow Home Delivery 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Banni uses his phone to watch the news online

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Vishnu contacts Banni and tells him how he duped Viraj. Banni promises to punish Viraj for tormenting Yuvan. Viraj believes that he will discover Banni at any cost and would not spare her. He reads Banni’s letter in which she expresses gratitude for him providing meals to her clients. Manini gathers the media and the police to the Rathore residence and accuses Banni of kidnapping her mentally ill son Yuvan, sobbing fake tears.

Banni uses his phone to watch the news online. Customers at Banni’s saw the film and note that Banni’s wanted images on the walls. Vishnu contacts Bannni to tell her that all of her clients have seen Manini’s video. Banni claims Manini is out to smear her reputation, and she sends him a video and requests that he post it on social media.

Manini continues her play, fearing that Banni may marry Yuvan in order to inherit his fortune. Everyone in attendance, including reporters, gets Banni’s video. Viren claims Banni has an extortion demand and requests a video in which Banni claims she is not greedy for money or she would have looted a lot from the Rathore house because they are all too careless, she did not kidnap Yuvan and is instead protecting him because Manini is forcing him to marry Niyati.

She contacts Yuvan, who claims he does not want to marry the filthy angel Niyati and does not want to come home while Viraj tortures him. He displays his back problems and expresses severe anguish. Inspector tongue lashes Manini for submitting a false report and tormenting a mentally disturbed youngster emotionally and physically.

Vishnu hands over empty tiffins to the truck driver, who delivers them to Banni to deliver tomorrow’s dinner. Viraj overhears their chat and follows the vehicle to find out where Banni is. He phones Manini and tells him what he heard, adding that he would find out about Bannni soon. Banni, according to Manini, is hiding in a shrine.

Banni walks to the temple’s restroom to take a bath and discovers that the door locks are gone. Yuvan says he’ll stand outside the entrance and refuse to allow anybody in. Banni agrees and enters. Yuvan’s hand gets injured while holding the door. Banni walks out, visibly moved by Yuvan’s concern for her. Yuvan claims he overheard people discussing the Teej festival tomorrow. Banni recounts how his father caused her mother to suffer, how his father’s creditors harmed her mother while attempting to recoup their money from her further, and how her father abandoned her damaged mother and fled on Teej festival day.

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