Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Devraj Proposes Banni And Yuvan’s Marriage To Banni’s Family

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

When Aryan discovers Banni barefoot, he gives her slippers. Banni enjoys it and chastises him for coming out in public for fear of being seen. Yuvan claims he disguised his face with his palm while secretly taking something from a store. She chuckles. Panditji and his wife enter.

Yuvan remembers filling Imlie’s hairline and married her after discovering sindhoor in Panditayan’s hairline. Devraj, on the other hand, talks with Mamasa and Mamisa about Yuvan and Banni’s wedding and says they need to persuade Banni in a day. Mamusa inquires about Banni’s future. Devraj vows to assist Banni in expanding her catering company. He assures Banni that he will be loved and respected in his home.

Banni senses Yuvan’s rage and inquires as to why. He claims that if a woman does not apply sindhoor in her hairline, it signifies her husband is dead, and he would suffer as a result if she does not apply sindhoor in her hairline. Banni places Yuvan in front of the god’s idol and wants him to pledge her that he would never bring up the subject of marriage again. Yuvan says her grandpa thinks he’s quite attractive and that his wife would adore him.

Banni insists on his taking an oath. Yuvan claims that his grandpa informed him that since he has a lot of money and is a prince, anyone marries him would be a princess. Banni claims she does not want to be a princess, but rather the queen of her company, which is suffering as a result of his family. After hearing it, Yuvan apologises to Banni. Banni insists on his making a pledge to her since it is critical for her self-esteem.

Mamsusa informs Devraj that they rely on Banni for a livelihood and that if Banni marries, it would be tough for them. Devraj offers them money and promises to take care of them for the rest of their lives; all they have to do is persuade Banni to marry them. Banni continues to press Yuvan to make a commitment to her. Yuvan swears on his mother’s gift of a moon sticker that he will never discuss marriage with her. Mamusa and Mamisa assure Devraj that they would have Banni married to Yuvan and wonder where she is today. Devraj talks in the ancient temple of Devnagar. They both go towards the temple.

Viraj threatens Vishnu with revealing Banni’s location after she kidnaps Yuvan. Vishnu does not trust him and claims she must be giving meals to a client. He then takes Viraj to a customer who informs him that Banni did not arrive today. When Virajj leaves, he hands over the tiffin to the customer and thanks him for his assistance. Banni arranges for food to be prepared at the temple and delivered to her customers from there. Devraj contacts her, and she promises him not to be concerned about Yuvan. Yuvan trims vetgables to assist Banni with her business. Banni intervenes. Yuvan claims she suffered a loss in her company as a result of him, and he wants to assist her.

They keep talking until Banni notices Yuvan screaming in anguish as she touches his back. She takes off his shirt and discovers injuries on his back. Yuvan describes how Viraj tormented him when he sought to meet with Banni. Banni is worried about him and treats his wounds with meidicine. Yuvan adds he vowed not to speak about marriage, but she should come to him whenever Viraj beats him to apply ointment to his wounds.

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