Banni Chow Home Delivery 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Devraj claims that only she can now rescue Yuvan

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Devraj tells Banni that Manini and her gang abducted Yuvan to marry Niyati in court. Banni wonders what she can do in this situation. He said he believed she was Yuvan’s sincere buddy, and Yuvan believes she would save him from any difficulty. He claims that it was God’s will that she become Yuvan’s friend and guardian, and that it is now time for her to defend him, or else Banni’s conscience would not forgive her. Banni claims she has already done all she is capable of doing. Devraj claims that only she can now rescue Yuvan. Manini and his team’s vehicles come to a halt as they pass a road construction site. Manini informs Niyati that she will soon marry Yuvan.

A cloud of smoke begins to form around Manini and her team’s vehicles. Yuvan is hoping that Banni would come to his aid. Banni rides up on a horse and whisks him away. Manini discovers Yuvan is absent. Viraj claims he is so afraid of Banni that he can envision her riding a horse. Manini claims it’s Banni and requests that everyone stop her.

Hemant, Viraj, and Viren follow the horse. Manini believes that Banni will marry Yuvan. Banni remembers Devraj asking her to drive Yuvan to Delhi and dump him off at a friend’s home there since he had planned Yuvan’s marriage with another girl in two days. Banni accepts and requests that Vishnu bring tiffins to her customers while she goes to rescue Vivan. Her scooter malfunctions. She finds a neighbouring horse and rides it away.

Hemant returns home and makes a police report against Banni. According to the inspector, Banni left her phone at home, making it harder to locate her. Anchal requests that he apprehend Banni before she marries Yuvan. According to her sister, Banni would have wedded Yuvan at the mandap, but she kidnapped Yuvan to take money from them. Manini imagines her inner voice mocking her for forgetting her mantra of going to Rathod House and losing over Banni. No, she says. Yuvan is taken to a temple by Banni.

Yuvan compliments her for taking him away like a hero carrying heroine. Banni claims she just wants to keep him safe. Her shoe falls apart. She takes off her shoes and walks barefoot before Panditji, thanking him for allowing her to remain in the temple. Panditji claims that since she assisted her daughter, it is his responsibility to assist her. He invites her to stay in a chamber on the temple’s rear. Banni becomes concerned when he discovers Yuvan is absent.

Niyati tells Manini to unwind since Hemant has gone to the police station. Manini smacks her and tells her that this is the result of wagering on a handicapped horse, then yells at her to get out of her way. She then chastises Viraj for not using his wits and going in search of Yuvan. Banni is looking for Yuvan and about to walk on a stone pebble when Yuvan puts his palm on it and shields her foot.

He then gives her fresh slippers, explaining that he had gone to get her slippers after seeing her barefoot. She is overjoyed to witness his effort. The title theme from Serial is playing in the background. Manini lashes out at each family member for failing to support her and just live on her costs, and demands them to locate Yuvan as quickly as possible.

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