Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Devraj and asks if he wants friends

Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th July 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 25 July 2022 Written Episode on

Banni approaches Devraj and asks if he wants friends to marry. Devraj claims he just does not want her and Yuvan’s great friendship to end. Banni claims they are friends, but it is a matter of her life and she does not want to marry; she wants to expand her catering company and get respect for her mother’s name.

She states that even if she has to, she would marry someone who will support her in her desire, therefore she does not consider Yuvan to be more than a friend and does not contemplate their marriage. She abandons Devraj, determined to persuade Banni to approve her marriage to Yuvan. Banni bathes in a river and yells angrily to let out her anger. She then goes out of the water and unintentionally steps on a coconut shell, hurting and bleeding her foot. Devraj observes her in silence.

The doctor examines Yuvan, who is comatose, and informs his family that he is still traumatised. Manini wonders when Yuvan will wake up. He is unsure, Doctor. Viraj wonders when Yuvan would wake up and marry. Hemant scolds him and instructs the doctor to admit Yuvan to the hospital if necessary.

Manini believes Banni and Devraj put a halt to Yuvan’s marriage, and she has to do something to persuade the family to let the marriage to proceed. Devraj has returned home. Hemant confronts him and says he will never forgive him for staging a farce to cancel Yuvan’s wedding and blaming him for Yuvan’s illness. Viren’s tongue then lashes Devraj.

Devraj says his grandson is more important to him than his kids and asks if he didn’t think twice before accusing him that a grandpa who is living only for his grandson took such drastic measures to save Yuvan from getting into additional trouble. He declares that he will not allow this marriage to take place, no matter what. Manini explains why she picked Niyati for Yuvan.

Devraj claims that they understand each other well; Hemant may trust her, but he will never trust her. He claims that Banni will always defend Yuvan, and that whether Manini acts as Banni’s mother or not, Banni will always pursue her bond with Yuvan. He reminds her that when she was playing the drams during Mahashivratri, he was playing it at the wedding. Manini believes Devraj’s zeal will fade tomorrow, and she will vanquish him.

Banni prepares tiffins for her clients and is disappointed that she would be unable to deliver tiffin to Yuvan starting today. Vishnu believes it’s excellent since Yuvan would have cost her additional clients. Devi claims that Yuvan is her sincere friend who preserved her dignity, that he is extremely pure, and that she would always be concerned about him.

She said her only emphasis will now be on expanding her catering company. Devraj, driving towards Banni’s residence, prays to God for assistance. Myra calls to inform him that Hemant and Manini have taken Yuvan to court for a court marriage with Niyati. Yuvan arrives at Banni. Banni is concerned about Yuvan seeing him.

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