Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Banni Notices Shocking Changes In Yuvan

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

When Banni asks Yuvan in the planetarium where his mother is, he replies that they saw her among the stars. Devraj instructs the operator to enlarge a star. Operator follows suit. Banni informs Yuvan that his mother arrived. Yuvan is pleased to see a star and asks for her forgiveness after apologising to her for violating a promise. He plays the violin to beg for her pardon. Devraj instructs the operator to focus on a star field and launch balloons in the form of stars. When Yuvan sees balloons, he is thrilled and says his mother has forgiven him. Banni asks God to pardon her for taking part in this fabrication. Walking to Yuvan is Devraj. Yuvan joyfully requests his mother’s forgiveness, saying that he has prepared a new tone for her. On his violin, he performs it. Devraj instructs Banni to grinned.

Devraj is informed by the planetarium manager that the boss wants to meet. Devraj and Banni encounter Bos. The boss compliments Devraj for assisting his father in starting a factory. Devraj inquires about the name of his father. Devichand from Nagaur, claims the boss. Devraj acknowledges that he cannot recall the name, but appreciates the man for his assistance nevertheless. The boss leaves to answer a call. He reprimands someone on the phone, which Banni hears but ignores. The boss asks her to start providing lunch to his staff tomorrow. Banni concurs.

Yuvan is imprisoned in a space. Equipment short circuits occur, and smoke is released. Yuvan contacts Banni to help him out as he begins to choke. When Banni contacts the security guard after failing to unlock the door, the guy assumes Yuvan must have locked it from the inside. Banni phones the boss, who tells her that the door is locked because of a short circuit. Banni attempts to open the door with a fire extinguisher while asking Devraj to contact the fire department. The manager halts her. Banni claims she is unable to imagine her spouse suffocating. Manager unlocks door as power comes back on. Rushing to Yuvan is Banni. After exclaiming his happiness at having seen his mother, Yuvan heads back home. Banni wonders whether Devraj’s strategy was successful.

When Yuvan gets home, he looks for his mother. Banni queries for whom he is looking. Yuvan claims that it’s a secret. Banni muses on the secret he’s referring to. Yuvan takes the garland off of his mother’s picture and explains that she has already forgiven him and will always be at his side. Since he hasn’t eaten since the morning, Banni invites him to eat first. She feeds him her own favourites. Yuvan keeps glancing towards the stairs. Banni requests that he eat first. Manini descends prepared for work. Yuvan is pleased to see Manini and gives her a hug while yelling “Mama!” Manini treats him well. Everyone who saw it was stunned.

Manini is forced to sit as Yuvan feeds her, insisting that she eat with her hands. Manini concurs. Manini is asked by Banni whether Yuvan was in danger. Yuvan begs Manini to feed him after claiming his mother didn’t. Manini is asked to feed Banni. Manini claims she was ecstatic to hear Yuvan refer to him as his mother and not a new mother while feeding him. Banni alerts Devraj to the fact that anything is amiss since else, Manini wouldn’t have been referred to as the “new mom” by Yuvan.

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