Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Banni’s Defends Yuvan

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Banni questions Yuvan on why he kept the vow he made to his mother from her. Yuvan claims he didn’t want to bother her since she is new to the residence. Banni claims they are one, so how can he keep anything from her; she wants him to swear that they would share everything. He assures her that they will share one other’s agony.

He then checks her wrist and neck injuries and administers ointment without feeling bad about harming her. Banni apologises to him for not wearing her mother’s clothing and promises to start wearing them now. Yuvan inquires as to whether she intends to wear them. Banni claims she was deprived of love her whole life and found it via him and his family, thus her actions would not harm her.

Yuvan claims he overheard people talking how Banni’s nasty spouse damages her, and he doesn’t mind if others laugh at him. Banni claims she feels awful everytime someone mocks him and believes she will not allow Yuvan’s family abuse him and will gain him the respect he deserves. Manini is wounded while embroidering a moon on her jacket. Charmi observes this and informs Viraj that it seems Manini accepted defeat from Banni and therefore let Niyati leave and brought Banni in. Manini smirks as she finishes her stitching, planning something.

Banni is preparing a meal for the family. Vrinda compliments her cooking abilities. Banni tells what she cooked for each member of the family. She goes to get Yuvan. When a family enters into the dining hall, they are overjoyed to find their favourite meals. Vrinda says that Banni had everything ready. They say it wouldn’t be as excellent as Banni. Devraj invites them to try it and see. Banni, according to Alpana, is attempting to gain their favour. Banni comes with Yuvan, wearing spectacles, and claims her food is as wonderful as her chats.

Manini motions for everyone to have a seat. Banni prevents Viraj from taking a primary seat and informs him that Yuvan would take it from now on and will dine with the whole family. That, according to Viraj, is excessive. According to Banni, Yuvan is a 50% owner of the land and the house’s oldest son, and so deserves respect. She mocks Charmi and Viraj in the same way as they humiliated her and Yuvan. Viraj and Charmi are irritated but Devraj is pleased. This, according to Manini, is excessive. Banni puts a servant’s hat on Viraj and tells him he must become a servant if he does not respect Yuvan. She recalls Viraj’s crimes against Yuvan and says that Yuvan would not descend that low.

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