Banni Chow Home Delivery 22nd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Banni Understands Yuvan’s Pain

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 22nd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Banni becomes enraged when Viraj and Cahrmi make fun of her, and Yuvan and the other guests laugh at them. Manini advises Viraj and Charmi to stop making fun of one other. Yuvan sobs when he sees his mother’s clothing and jewels on the floor. Alpana tricked him into believing that his mother was upset because Banni did not wear them. Yuvan goes shopping for clothing and jewels before heading to Banni. Manini requests that Viraj and Charmi apologise to Banni and Yuvan. They both smirked and apologised to Banni. Yuvan storms up to Banni, hurling all the presents at her and demanding that she wear his mother’s clothes and jewels. He shatters her bracelets and jewels. Guests debate how he can shatter a suhagan’s bangles and how Banni would survive with such a guy.

Yuvan imposes his mother’s jewels and sari on Banni. Devraj hits him and tells him that his mother is not upset with him. Yuvan’s mother is furious with him because he told Banni that he would never discuss marriage with her; he should not have married her at all and made a huge mistake. Hearing it, Manini and her colleagues smirk. He returns his gaze to Banni. Devraj pulls him aside and leads him to his room. Yuvan claims that his mom talked into the audio recorder and expressed her displeasure that Banni did not wear her jewels and sari. According to Devraj, this cassette is completely useless. Viraj listens to the recording and chuckles, claiming that the genuine tape has arrived. Manini walks in and grabs the video from him. Banni feels bad about promising him anything.

Banni approaches Hemant and gives him water. Hemant claims he doesn’t need her phoney pity since he knows what she’s up to. Banni asks him to assist Yuvan and describes how Yuvan panicked about a promise, broke her bangles during the muh dikhayi rite, and wounded her wrist. She begs him to relieve Yuvan’s suffering. Hemant believes Yuvan brought this on himself. He approaches Yuvan and recalls how they used to persuade his mother whenever she became furious. Yuvan recalls the previous occasion while playing the violin. Hemant claims his mother has forgiven him and is happy while listening to his music. Yuvan embraces him warmly. Devraj becomes emotional when he sees this and compliments Banni on her brilliant idea. Banni claims Yuvan was bearing a heavy weight in his heart and instructs Devraj never to conceal anything relating to Yuvan.

Yuvan rushes up to Devraj and tells him that his mother has forgiven him. Banni expresses gratitude to Hemant. Hemant believes he would not have assisted Banni since he knows the truth, but as a parent, he is concerned about his kid. Manini and Viraj get uneasy when they observe Yuvan acting normally. Manini believes Yuvan will not be spared that lightly.

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