Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th October 2022 Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th October 2022 Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 20 October 2022

When the kheer tiffin box tumbles, Banni becomes upset and thinks back to Yuvan’s request for her to cook the kheer. She puts the leftover kheer in Yuvan’s unique lunchbox before moving toward the temple. When Yuvan attempts to grab laddus for children, a security officer pulls him away and misbehaves with him. Flying laddus. Yuvan finds laddus in a thali and declares that it is unacceptable to treat children and food with disdain. He takes the guard, drags him from the temple, hangs him from a tree, and then has him feed the kids laddus. Guard apologises and asks to be let free immediately. With elegance, Yuvan uses a sickle to cut a rope. He gets thanked by a girl who clutches his hand. Yuvan displays a flashback of a little child. He goes back to the temple, and while he prays, God has another flashback and a terrible headache.

Once in the temple, Banni moves towards Yuvan’s direction. In the temple, a girl enters, flees, and then stands behind Yuvan. Yuvan is questioned by Banni for leaving the hospital unannounced. Yuvan remembers his mother taking Bunty to this shrine. Girl conducts pooja as she approaches Yuvan. According to Banni, Bunty is not who she is. According to Yuvan, he adopted Bunty’s name, Banni. Hearing that breaks Banni’s heart. When Devraj arrives at the temple, he overhears their exchange. Yuvan asks Banni whether she is familiar with him and if they have ever met. He gives Devraj a hug and inquires as to how he got to be so elderly and why he was carrying a stick. Next to enter is Hemant. After giving him a hug, Yuvan refers to him as daddy and wonders why everyone has changed.

Devraj queries why the patient left the hospital and came to the temple. According to Yuvan, he had a flashback about visiting this temple with Bunty and Mamma. Banni trips over the rose thorns while wondering who this Bunty is. Hemant queries Yuvan as to why he arrived from the hospital. Banni was attempting to speak with Yuvan, so he gestures to her and says, “Who is this girl?” Hemant says that we can discuss it later since he has to go to the doctor first and then go back home. Yuvan removes the thorn from Banni’s foot, binds his kerchief over her foot, and stops watching her in anguish. If she arrived with a companion, he suggests she ask them to accompany her to the hospital so she can have her wound treated. She rejects. He wonders whether he knows the source of his strange feelings. Banni displays the kheer package. Yuvan is then taken by Hemant.

Devraj motions for Banni to go back to her house as Banni stands dejectedly by. A young woman extends praad to everyone around. A woman claims that her destiny has many secrets. Banni receives prasad from a girl. Banni claims that she was in desperate need of prasad. God, according to the girl, would definitely grant her desire. Banni prays to god not to betray her confidence and tells him she would cry if he refuses her plea. Devraj questions Hemant at home about why he didn’t tell Yuvan about Banni. Hemant claims that because of Devraj’s persistence, Yuvan married Banni when he was mentally unstable. Now that Yuvan is normal, he will arrange for Yuvan to marry the woman of his choice. On Banni’s face, he closes a gate. Yuvan loves Banni, so Devraj asks him to let Banni in.

Hemant claims Yuvan didn’t even recognise Banni and that if he were normal, he would never fall in love with a girl like Banni. Not to forget Banni’s favours on them, Devraj cautions him. Hemant claims he will support Banni’s catering company and pay her back for her favours, but he undoubtedly realises that Banni and Yuvan are incompatible and would suffocate in a relationship. Devraj gives him a tongue lashing and promises to tell Yuvan about Banni.

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