Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st August 2022 Written Update Episode

Yuvan explains what really occurred

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Banni’s mamisa gives her an intimate photo of Yuvan and Banni and accuses her of following in her mother’s footsteps. According to Banni, nothing transpired between her and Yuvan. Yuvan explains what really occurred. Banni tries to discredit her by asking who took the picture. Mamisa and Mamusa get anxious, and Mamisa claims that others disregard her and Yuvan’s friendship and instead see them as a couple.

No, says Banni. Mamisa claims Yuvan admitted to sleeping with her in front of everyone. Yuvan, according to Banni, did not intend what he said. Mamisa adds that whatever it is, they cannot face the humiliation they did during her mother’s time and urges her to marry Yuvan. Hearing it, Banni is shattered and flees. Yuvan walks beside her.

Mamisa tells Devraj that she took the photos. Devraj is taken aback by this and wonders why. Mamisa claims they observed Yuvan and Banni in a vulnerable situation and took photos to make Devraj’s job easier and compel Banni to marry Yuvan or commit suicide. Devraj said he was not expecting anything from them. They claim they did it since he can’t bend his finger at this age.

Manini, accompanied by Hemant, travels to Devnagar, certain that if Banni marries Yuvan, she would lose everything. Banni shuts herself away in a chamber, shattered by the venomous words of Mamisa and temple believers. She drenches herself with cold water. She then goes back to Devraj and the others. Yuvan apologises once again. Mamusa begs her to give up her obstinacy and accept to marry Yuvan. Banni informs Devraj that he may take Yuvan to Delhi since she can no longer support Yuvan, that whatever occurred would destroy her life, and that she will have to battle for her dignity her whole life, just as her mother did. She informs Mamisa and Mamusa that they should go now.
Yuvan begs Banni not to go.

Devraj informs them that they did not do the proper thing since Banni is broken. Mamisa claims that Banni is more important to them and that they did it for the sake of Banni and Yuvan. Banni and the others board a taxi. Yuvan continues to beg her not to go and tears up. Banni goes back to her basti. Vasi people curse her for tarnishing their basti’s name.

Some believe Yuvan must have trapped Banni and Rathods in order to exact vengeance on Banni. Mamusa informs Mamisa that the issue is spiralling out of hand and that they must break Banni in order to compel her to marry Yuvan. Mamisa begins her play by saying that they must experience humiliation because of Banni, just as they did because of her mother.

Yuvan arrives and, upon noticing Banni weeping, obtains a handkerchief from a store and wipes her tears. The shopkeeper requests that he pay for his cloth. Yuvan requests that he take his automobile and returns fabric. He then admits to having slept with her. Banni closes his mouth.

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