Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Banni tries to put on her sari

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Yuvan prepares for Banni’s elaborate dikayi rite. Banni gives him a kind grin. Viraj makes fun of Yuvan and wonders whether he worn a diaper. Yuvan inquires as to why. Viraj believes it’s OK since Banni will clean up any further messes. Banni approaches Yuvan and compliments him on his appearance. Yuvan apologises for the shambles and swears never to create it again. Banni then directs her helper Shankar on how to deliver the tiffins to her customers. When Alpana notices this, she becomes envious. She enters the kitchen and instructs the maids not to give Banni’s tiffins. It’s Devraj’s command, according to the servant. She claims Devraj is not involved in home matters and threatens to reduce their pay if they defy her.

Banni tries to put on her sari. Manini presents Yuvan’s mother’s saris and jewels to Myra for the muh dikhayi rite. Banni remembers Hemant and Viraj referring to her as a gold digger who married Yuvan for his money. She respectfully declines jewellery and saris, citing a reason. Manini promises to assist Banni in at least donning a sari and does so. When Hemant notices this, he draws Manini aside and scolds her for assisting Banni, disregarding Banni’s plots to marry Yuvan. Manini refuses to follow him and urges him to ignore the past since Yuvan’s happiness should come first.

Banni is perplexed as to how Manini can shift so abruptly. Manini returns to Banni and inquires if someone is coming from her maika. Banni remembers breaking up with her maika and declares that no one will come. The muh dikhayi ceremony draws guests together. Vishnu enters with a gift. Yuvan cheerfully welcomes him in. Banni goes down for the rite, pleased to meet her brother. Charmi mocks that she received a truckload of presents from her maika for her muh dikhayi rite, whereas Banni received a bag of bananas. Charmi is chastised by Manini.

Banni becomes agitated as she realises her tiffins are still undeliverable. Yuvan informs her that she is in for a surprise and contacts her tiffin customers. Banni is taken aback to see them. They all offer her presents. Yuvan inquires about Banni’s happiness. Banni has the most to say. When Alpana and her colleagues witness this, they get envious.

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