Banni Chow Home Delivery 17th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 17th October 2022 Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Viraj and Manini are in Yuvan’s automobile as they drive off. When she discovers Yuvan gone, Banni becomes anxious and searches the whole studio for him. She is urged to unwind by Agastya since Yuvan must be nearby. According to Banni, Yuvan must have been terrified of flames and left. Rathore family is expelled by the studio security. Hemant confronts the guard while irate and claims his kid is still inside. Yuvan, in his opinion, must have gone back home with Manini. When he contacts Manini, he discovers that her phone is off.

Charmie is asked by Banni to visit her family at home since she is fasting and pregnant. She is sleepy when she gets back to the studio. While holding her for a moment, Agastya gives her water. Banni claims she is observing the Karva Chauth fast and questions Manini’s participation. She answers Charmie’s call and heads home right away.

Yuvan is taken to a cliff edge by Manini. Yuvan queries why she brought him here after promising to take him to the skies. Manini claims that if he falls from a cliff, he will reach the staff. Yuvan insists on going with him while holding her hand. Freeing her hand, Manini identifies herself as Manini and not his Vandana mother. Hearing it and Banni saying that Manini is deceiving him and is not Vandana causes Yuvan to break down. Manini acknowledges her desire to murder Yuvan in retaliation for Devraj’s destruction of her family. Yuvan claims that he would have joyfully leaped over the cliff if she had told him to. Manini screams to not address her as mama. As he approaches her, Vandana must be grinning, so she begs him to smile so she can feel comfort. She throws Yuvan down the cliff and believes that this puts an end to Yuvan’s tale.

When Banni gets home, she discovers Yuvan storing all of her belongings. Charmie claims that Yuvan was silent when she questioned him about it. Viraj goes back home. Banni asks whether he is aware of Yuvan’s whereabouts. Because he was at the workplace with Manini, Viraj claims he doesn’t know. Before the birth of their kid, Charmie asks him why he is supporting the wrong person and begs him not to participate in a sin. Viraj remembers Manini handing him a letter and telling him to deliver it to Banni when she gets home. She also sent him on his way back. He takes a step back and reads the letter, which shocks him to discover Manini intends to murder Yuvan. He hurries to prevent Manini from dropping the letter on the ground since he feels it is improper.

After reading the letter and being surprised, Charmie hands it to Banni. Reading Yuvan’s suicide letter, Banni is standing broken. Manini goes back home. She is interrogated by Banni regarding Yuvan. Manini turns down. Hemant attempts to shield Manini, but Banni pulls him away and demands where Yuvan is after displaying a suicide note to Manini.

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