Banni Chow Home Delivery 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Yuvan believes his mother is upset with him for marrying Banni

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Yuvan walks down the corridor, thinking about how he should respect Banni after marriage. When he sees his distorted image in the mirror, he becomes afraid and recalls his mother’s words that if he breaks his promise, his face will distort. He dashes back into his room. From a safe distance, Viraj and Charmi enjoy watching his reaction. Banni performs pooja and, seeing how dirty the pooja kalash is, decides to clean it. Devraj comes to a halt and orders the servant to clean it. Sulekha says she’s looking forward to Banni’s cooking ritual. Devraj claims that Banni came into their lives because of food and instructs her to only use the laddle and leave the cooking to the servants. Banni believes Devraj is not allowing her to work at all.

Yuvan believes his mother is upset with him for marrying Banni. He panics even more when he notices his mother’s photo is missing. The lights begin to flicker. Yuan shatters things out of fear. Alpana observes that Banni first entrapped Devraj with her butery talk. Veer claims that Banni will do anything for money and married the mentally unstable Yuvan for his fortune. Banni responds appropriately, saying that Yuvan’s love is her pride and that she does not listen to anyone’s comments.

Manini expresses her gratitude to Banni for providing her son with a life partner who genuinely cares about him. She claims that marriage brings many realities into one’s life; she has only seen love so far, and the other aspects of marriage will begin soon. She wonders if Banni will always support and protect Yuvan no matter what. Banni agrees and says Yuvan’s immense love for her is her strength, and she prays for the strength to carry out her duties.

Yuvan walks down the stairs, panicked, and tells Devraj he has no idea what happened. Devraj pulls him aside and instructs him not to mention the promise in front of Banni. Yuvan claims that after breaking his promise, his image in the mirror was distorted and mamma’s photo was burned. Yuvan claims he saw something wrong in his phone. Banni notices Yuvan is upset and will inquire of Devraj after performing pooja. Out of fear, Yuvan pees in his pants. Viraj makes fun of him. Manini directs that Yuvan’s pee be cleaned.

Servants are hesitant.

Alpana believes that if Banni regards Yuvan as her pride, she should clean up his mess. Devraj wonders why Banni would clean up the mess. Charmi believes that if she is receiving respect from Yuvan, she should also perform her duties. Banni approaches Yuvan with a smile and a cloth to clean up the mess. Yuvan intervenes. Banni claims they are husband and wife, and that if she becomes ill, he should share her responsibilities. He concurs. She cleans up after him and the mess. Viraj remarks that Banni is cleaning Yuvan’s dirty clothes for money. Banni claims she can see her husband’s fear and that she will remove it from the floor and even from Yuvan’s life. Viraj and his team are scowling. Devraj apologises to God for making a new bride do all of this.

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