Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode

When Banni notices him while showering

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Banni snores, anxious about her catering company, and awakens to discover Yuvan sleeping with her hair. She recalls him appreciating the fragrance of her hair and grins. When she finds the AC temperature is low, she puts a blanket over him. In his sleep, he grips her hand. She releases it quietly. Servant arrives on the door and serves her unsweetened tulsi tea. Banni inquires as to how she knows. Yuvan, according to Servant, told her. Banni is content.

Devraj is taken aback to see Manini adorning the home for post-wedding rituals and wonders how she suddenly remembered MIL’s responsibilities. Banni enters the bathroom to take a bath and sees the lock is gone. She believes she will be ready before Yuvan awakens. Hemant finds Manini carrying Yuvan’s mother Vandana’s garment and inquires as to why she removed it from the cabinet. Manini claims Yuvan’s wife is the actual competitor for this dress, thus Banni will wear it tonight.

Yuvan awakens and heads to the toilet with his eyes closed. When Banni notices him while showering, she becomes agitated and hides herself with an umbrella. She instructs Yuvan to take it from there. Yuvan wonders why she is covering herself with an umbrella; he, too, will join her. Banni invites him to accompany him. He resists, but she tells him to go in his bathrobe. He returns and embraces her from behind, telling her that he made her pet ashamed. Banni orders him to go. He walks away smiling and proclaiming that Banni dulhan has been dog shamed. She gets ready, remembering Yuvan’s unexpected appearance into the bathroom.

Yuvan enters the living room and tells everyone that he saw Banni taking a shower. Anchal, Charmi, and Viraj make fun of him. Banni approaches them with a pooja thali in hand, seeking Devraj and Sulekha’s blessings. Viraj’s crew may be seen smiling at her. Yuvan claims he told everyone he saw her bathing. Banni is ashamed because Viraj’s squad laughs at him and says that their connection is special and that nothing normal can happen between them.

Manini questions Yuvan on why he is saying it. Banni approaches Yuvan and asks whether he enjoys being humiliated. He responds with a nod. She sobs and tells him that they should not discuss what happened between them and that they should respect one other. Yuvan expresses his regret. Banni questions Devraj about Hemant’s absence from breakfast. Devraj claims to have eaten breakfast in his room and that he would soon see Banni’s inner beauty and embrace her as his DIL. Manini directs Yuvan to go prepare for Banni’s muh dikhayi rite.

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