Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th October 2022 Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Banni’s first karva chauth is being offered by Vrindra, who adds that it is very important to her since her husband is battling for a respectable life. She says that she must observe a full day of fasting before breaking it by seeing her moon, her husband’s face, and eating kheer from his hand. Banni asks God to make Yuvan’s operation easier and to speed his recovery. Manini believes that Banni’s karva chauth won’t be of any use to her since she is in control of Yuvan and his life is in danger. Because Charmie is expecting, Viraj urges she not observe the fast this year. Charmie claims she would often drink kaju badam milk rather than observe the nirjala vrat or waterless fast. Even he will drink milk with her, claims Viraj. When Yuvan learns it, he considers Viraj to be younger than him but extremely mature, and he expects that even he would be able to look after Banni.

Banni informs Yuvan that today is a significant day. Yuvan is adamant that she move quickly. As it is his competition today, Banni claims he is unable to. Yuvan is disappointed because he is unable to help her. Why is he saying that, Banni queries. Yuvan promises to go get ready for the tournament. Banni believes Yuvan is extremely special for the family and wishes him a speedy recovery from surgery so he may resume his usual life. While having his makeup done, Yuvan stops by the studio and starts to weep up remembering Manini and Agastya’s remarks. Devraj enters. Yuvan claims that his eyes got cosmetics in them. Devraj is disappointed that he failed to raise Yuvan properly and allowed Manini to disturb him. Once Yuvan recovers, he will toss Manini out of the home.

Along with Viraj, Manini visits the studio. Viraj tells her that Yuvan is being treated by a new doctor, and that this doctor believes that Yuvan may recover from surgery. He must carry out Manini’s plan exactly as she has instructed else he would lose the property race. She believes that Yuvan must die because she cannot allow Banni to triumph. Yuvan’s jacket has a moon sticker that Banni repairs while hurting her finger. Agastya is alarmed upon witnessing that. When Banni realises Yuvan may not ask her to design another chanda mama/moon sticker for him, she begs him to let her finish. Agastya explains how their first fight led to their being friends before he may not ask her to do that. Instead, he would show her the true moon. Banni remembers their first encounter and relationship. Agastya remembers their first encounter and relationship with Banni. He goes on to explain how their relationship developed into love and how she became his pulse.

Holding Yuvan’s hand, Banni imagines him reading a poem for her in Agastya. She suddenly snaps back to reality and pulls her hands back. He meant Yuvan would never forget her, according to Agastya. Banni departs to give Yuvan his jacket. She adds she is certain Yuvan would do well even this time as she observes Devraj. Devraj prays that Yuvan won’t drift off. Manini receives a hug from Yuvan as he expresses his grief. He should go with her to the land of stars, advises Manini, for no one here appreciates him. If Yuvan wishes to visit Banni, what should he do? Manini claims that his mother used to notice him from shyness exactly as he used to do when he wanted to see her. Yuvan remembers Agastya accusing him of endangering Banni’s life and declares he will go to the stars with his mother. Manini advises him to inform Banni in writing before realising that he is unsuitable for her and that she prefers Agastya, and that he is departing from her. Yuvan concurs. After reading Yuvan’s suicide letter, Manini believes Banni will feel terrible and hold herself responsible for his passing.

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