Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Yuvan claims that Banni requested

Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 15 June 2022 Written Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery
Banni Chow Home Delivery

Banni observes ladies pursuing Yuvan in an attempt to attack him and stops them. Women claim that Yuvan entered the women’s restroom and is behaving irrationally. Banni asserts that Yuvan is indeed mentally impaired, stating that if women can tell by the colour of halwa whether it contains pure ghee or a mixture, why couldn’t they see that Yuvan is intellectually retarded? Women apologise to Yuvan and go.

Niyati displays worry in front of everyone for Yuvan. Hemant asks about Yuvan’s whereabouts. Niyati becomes tensed. According to Manini, Devraj dispatched Yuvan and Banni to the temple, and they have not yet come home. Niyati hopes Banni has not enticed and abducted Yuvan. Devraj lashes her with his tongue and supports Banni.

Manini bolsters Niyati and increases Hemant’s hostility. Viraj receives a footage of Yuvan entering the women’s restroom while being pursued by women. He displays it for Manini. The footage makes Manini’s daughters uncomfortable. Anchal is likewise humiliated when seeing the video.

Yuvan is hungry and begs Banni to provide him some food. Banni observes a gurdwara sign, instructs Yuvan to remain there, and then inquires with neighbouring residents. Yuvan observes a neighbouring food truck, selects a vegetable roll from it, and presents it to Banni. Banni wonders where he obtained it. He displays the food truck. When the owner of the vehicle observes Yuvan taking the vegetable roll, he shoves him to the ground. Banni confronts him, stating that Yuvan has a mental disability, and returns his roll. He demeans both her and Yuvan.

A pav bhaji seller observes this and requests that Banni disregard the van owner. She is offered pav bhaji. Yuvan likes it. Banni claims she has no money to pay him. It is OK, he argues, given his company is stagnant owing to the youthful population’s love of junk food. Banni decides to assist him in attracting clients and requests that Yuvan entertain the youthful throng. He gathers a youthful audience with his music while Banni dances to delight them. They begin purchasing pav bhaji, angering the proprietor of the food truck.

Hemant becomes enraged after seeing Yuvan’s video. Manini accuses Banni for manipulating Vivan. Devraj & his sister support Banni. The site of Yuvan and Banni, according to Viraj, is Ranakpur. Hemant inquires as to why they are at Ranakpur. A woman who enjoys Yuvan’s performance kisses him and gives him a rose. Yuvan is pricked by a thorn. On his finger, Banni administers turmeric. Yuvan asserts that the woman who kissed him is unclean. Banni reveals that they kiss if someone likes them. Yuvan declares his affection for her and attempts a kiss. She halts him anxiously.

Manini accuses Banni of stealing jewels after discovering it in Yuvan’s luggage. Yuvan claims that Banni requested him to have the jewels, shocking Banni.

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