Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Manini’s First Attack On Banni

Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Banni is struggling to remove her hairpin and considers dialling Myra. Yuvan inquires as to where she is headed. Banni says she’ll phone Myra to have her hairpin removed. Yuvan insists on removing it and assists her. She is embarrassed. In the background, a love tune is playing. He approaches her and smells her hair. Baani takes a step back. He thinks her hair smells like coconut oil and reminds him of coconut burfi, which his mother used to make for prasad. Banni says he’ll make it in the morning. Yuvan says he’ll notify Mamma and enters into the picture room with Banni. Banni’s hair becomes entangled in a plant.

Yuvan is about to touch his mother’s photograph when it ignites. He panics and attempts to erase the photo. Banni flees and attempts to restrain him. Yuvan begs for his mother’s life. The entire family has gathered. Banni splatters water on the photograph, but it becomes distorted. Devraj wonders how the photo caught fire. Manini speculates that the Banni may have maintained a lamp in front of the photograph.

Yuvan becomes enraged with Banni. Banni, according to Devraj, did not do anything on purpose. Banni apologises to Yuvan and promises a fresh photo. Yuvan displays the burned photo and claims that his mother was upset because he breached his vow. Devraj whisks him away from the scene. Manini smirks as he instructs Banni to go handle Yuvan.

Banni sings a song to console Yuvan and put him to sleep. She considers why Yuvan believed his mother was furious and worried, and she decides to question Devraj about it the next morning. She lays next to him. Manini watches Devraj and Yuvan’s video with Vraj and Charmi and believes her problems are over. She recalls how she obtained the tape and wants to get revenge on Banni and use her to exact revenge on Devraj. Viraj tosses Yuvan’s teddy at the door, wakes him awake, and runs away. Yuvan goes outside to retrieve his teddy. Charmi informs Viraj that fire caught Yuvan’s mother’s and Banni’s photos because she must be unhappy because Yuvan breached his vow.

When Yuvan Pancis hears this, he proceeds to notify Devraj. Devraj said that his mother is tired with her old photo and wants a new one since she grows tired of old stuff. Yuvan goes on to say that his mother is upset with him. Devraj claims that because his mommy’s sticker is with him, his mother cannot be unhappy with him; he should go to bed. Yuvan requests that he deliver a fresh photo tomorrow morning without informing Banni so that she does not acquire a headache from the anxiety. Devraj concurs. Yuvan blabbers back to his chamber and sleeps next to Banni. Manini informs Viraj that while a little occurrence has upset Yuvan, a major incident will change the game entirely.

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