Banni Chow Home Delivery 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 13th October 2022 Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

Sonali is informed by Bhavani that she brought Sai into Chavan Nivas in order to demonstrate to him how content and happy Virat and Pakhi are together. Sonali wonders if she’s up for anything. Bhavani promises to take action so that Sai or Savi would never again glance at Chavan nivas. Sonali enthusiastically encourages her to carry out her wonderful idea and lauds her for being an accomplished politician. She queries how she plans to ridicule Sai. Bhavani smiles as she observes Omkar drinking. Sai, Savi, and Vinayak go past Virat’s room. Vinayak’s parents’ room, according to Savi, who will reveal it to him. Sai advises against peering into another person’s personal space. Vinayak and Savi leave the room. Sai peeks into the room and believes Pakhi and Virat had similar desires.

When Ashwini sees her, she shuts the door and warns the woman not to enter another person’s private place without permission. She is addressed as “madam” by Sai, who then tells her not to be concerned since she has just come here to see Savi, the only beloved person she now has, and leaves the area. In keeping Savi from leaving, Pulkit informs her, since else Savi could have felt horrible. He is correct, Sai asserts, and she doesn’t want Savi to weep. Savi, according to Pulkit, is just as innocent and charming as she is. Even as stubborn as her, according to Sai. He gets a call. Sai is offered the wedding anniversary cake for Virat and Pakhi, which has their names inscribed on it, and Vinayak requests that she accept it. Virat observes her. Sai promises she will eat it and nibbles into the cake while admiring Virat. When Bhavani sees it, she informs Sonali that it is an example of one sautan attacking another, and that Pakhi’s anniversary cake is really harming Sai. Sai should feel more envious, advises Sonali.

Harini is asked by Pulkit whether she has ever met Sai. Sai questions how he knows whether or not Sai told him anything. Asked whether they talked about anything else, Pulkit claims Sai informed him that Harini had met her after graduation and they had a lengthy conversation. No, says Harini. The dancing performance by Virat and Pakhi is announced by Shivani. They both dance fervently to a love tune. Sai seems discouraged as he stands there. With Pakhi seeing Sai’s response, Virat dances more fervently. Sai maintains her composure and joins the others in applauding them.

Bhavani approaches Omkar and requests a drink. Omkar claims to not use alcohol. He is asked by Bhavani to add alcohol to Sai’s cold beverage. If Sai will have it, Omkar queries. If she doesn’t, Bhavani threatens she’ll force her to have it. Omkar adulterates Sai’s cold beverage and delivers it to Sai via a waitress. Sai declines. Pakhi accepts it and downs the whole glass. Hearing it, Bhavani and Ninad get angry and attempt to cover their faces. Pakhi comments that the mocktail was excellent and asks the server what it was. The waiter dismisses it as merely a cold drink and leaves. Sai must at least have starters, Pakhi believes. Sai rejects.

Vinayak shows Savi the picture book he and his parents have. If he doesn’t have baby pictures as she does, Savi inquires. Vinayak claims he isn’t in the photos since her parents may not have had cameras at the time. Savi questions why Vinayak’s parents didn’t take pictures of him given that every phone has a camera and that her mother took pictures of her when she was a baby. Vinayak promises to ask his parents about it. Calling Pakhi, Vinayak presents her to his visitor. He receives a hug and a happy anniversary from Pakhi. Virat sends her good vibes. If she didn’t wish Virat previously, the guest inquires. Sai claims that because of his workload, he forgot to wish her and even conducted the cake-cutting alone. Bhavani worries Pakhi could make a mistaken statement. Virat is informed by Pakhi that she often inquires for his assistance. Yes, says Virat. She wants him to play jumble for her so she can dance to his music while forgetting everything since Pakhi claims he wants to start over with her, so they will. Sai becomes more envious after watching that.

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