Banni Chow Home Delivery 12th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 12th October 2022 Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery Written Update

While clutching Banni’s lunch, Yuvan sobs. A song called Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna is playing in the background. Yuvan mimics Banni by using her bags, googles, and other accessories. He misses her a much. H To cover his emotions, he goes to the kitchen and slices an onion. He is urged to grant Vrindra’s request. Yuvan claims he wants to prepare meals for Banni’s patrons. He’s asked to chop a potato by Vrindra. Yuvan is seen by Viraj and Manini from a distance. Manini is informed that Yuvan has decided to leave Banni. Banni would never leave Yuvan, according to Manini, thus he is a fool for thinking such. At least Yuvan considered leaving Banni, according to Viraj.

Agastya apologises to Yuvan for being disrespectful last night as he drives him to the hospital. About Banni, Yuvan enquires. Banni is OK, according to Agastya, and will be released tonight. A psychiatrist is shown Yuvan’s reports by Banni, who then inquires about Yuvan’s prognosis. The doctor inquires about Yuvan. According to Banni, Agastya will bring him. Agastya and Yuvan enter. A doctor welcomes Yuvan. Viraj receives breakfast from Charmie. Viraj compliments her culinary abilities. Manini approaches him and inquires about Yuvan’s whereabouts. Viraj is made to sit down by Charmi, who claims that Manini’s maid is not her babu shona. Manini is made fun of by the woman, who advises her to take a cue from Banni and join Banni’s side if she wants to avoid Banni taking over the whole land and forcing Manini out of her home. Manini is standing furious.

When the nurse does the tests, Yuvan becomes anxious. Banni consoles him by holding his hand. Yuvan considers the best way to inform Banni that she is free to accompany Agastya. A nurse begs Banni to leave so that Yuvan may undergo more testing. Yuvan is given the reassurance that Banni is waiting outside. She and Agastya observe via a glass window. She is taken to a waiting area by Agastya. Banni claims she was happy when the doctor gave her hope, and she believes Yuvan would still feel the same way for her even when he recovers. Agastya hopes Banni feels the same way about him as he does. A rush of air causes something to fall into Banni’s eye. Yuvan blasts her eye, which then heals. Agastya exits the testing chamber and is distressed by what she sees.

After reviewing Yuvan’s data, the doctor tells Banni that Yuvan can recover from surgery since a portion of his brain isn’t getting enough oxygen because of medication side effects. Banni is grateful to him. She has to make a call since the doctor warned her that Yuvan may lose his memory and think of her as a stranger after surgery. When Banni hears it, she is saddened and her tears start to fall. Yuvan sobs while seated on a bench in the parking lot. Music from Aye Dil Hai Mushkil is heard in the distance. Yuvan asks the deity to send Banni away from him and to Agastya as quickly as possible. Banni fears Yuvan would even forget about her.

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