Banni Chow Home Delivery 11th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Manini Conspires Against Banni

Banni Chow Home Delivery 11th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Banni Chow Home Delivery 11 June 2022 Written Episode on

Niyati is chastised by Manini for failing to approach Yuvan and impress Dhanraj. Niyati claims Banni is an obstacle who won’t allow her to go close to Yuvan, and she wants her to do something about it. Banni receives a rose plant from Yuvan. Banni claims that she has always gotten cauliflower from him and that he is the first one to give her an entire rose plant.

Yuvan claims it came from the garden and requests that she prepare gulkand and milkshake with it. Banni claims that after her mother died, no one gave her anything. Yuvan claims that their moms must have talked about it because they are now celebrities. Banni grins.

Banni is busy cooking late at night when the goldsmith returns the tiffin and compliments the meal. She inquires as to why her gold chain, which he had cleaned, had become black. Mamisa looks through the window and informs Mamusa that she has replaced Banni’s gold chain with a fake and that if Banni discovers that her mother’s necklace has been replaced, she will cause a racket. When Banni takes off her necklace to show it to the goldsmith, Mamisa causes a scene by claiming to have seen a snake in the room, distracting Banni’s attention and stealing the chain.

Banni fails all of Manini’s schemes, and Manini informs Alpana that Banni is merely a little ant. Alpana claims that Banni has acquired Dhanraj’s trust and is causing them all problems. Manini claims that she would make Banni appear untrustworthy and that Dhanraj would force her out of the house.

Charmi advises Niyati to be as confident in herself as she is in marrying Viraj if she wishes to marry Yuvan.Charmi, according to Kalpana, is overconfident. Yuvan has a bad toothache and comes over to them. They all chastise him. He declares that he will travel to Dhanraj. Kalpana chastises him for his little moustache. Instead of providing him medicine, Niyati locks him in his room.

Banni informs Mamisa that she searched the entire home for the snake but couldn’t find it. She then discovers that her key and phone are missing. When she finds the chain, Goldsmith tells her to bring it to him for examination. Vishnu’s phone rings, and Banni dials her number. Yuvan picks up the phone and informs her that she left it at his residence.

He then informs her of his toothache and requests that she bring him medication and ice cream. She inquires as to if he is representing the ice cream. He swears he will never lie, especially to her. She says she’ll bring him medication and ice cream, and if his discomfort doesn’t go away, she’ll take him to the dentist. Mamusa urges Mamisa to take care of the gold chain first. Mamisa impersonates discovering the necklace and informs Banni that the jeweller will replace it. Banni accepts and departs for Yuvan’s residence.

Banni arrives, bringing medication, ice cream, and clove oil for Yuvan. On his cheek, Yuvan rubs clove oil. She demonstrates how to use it on his sore teeth while also applying ice to his face. Yuvan is in pain-free mode. Viraj apologises to Manini for failing to carry out his plan and claims that Banni always destroys everything. If he needs her forgiveness, Manini says he should make sure the roadster Banni is never seen in this house again.

Banni hands Yuvan kulfi and rushes to close the window. Yuvan suffocates her with ice. Banni tells him that’s not a good idea and puts ice in his clothing. He says he’s chilly and takes off his T-shirt. Maniini sees them having fun and asks Viraj to invite Dhanraj and Hemant to see the play with them. Banni, who is bashful, asks Yuvan to put on his T-shirt. Yuvan disagrees, claiming that she, too, should take off her top. She begs him to come to a halt and attempts to flee. Dhanraj and the others enter the room, stunned.


Yuvan is taken to the temple by Banni. Manini and Viraj have devised a scheme to assassinate her. Their goons attack Banni, knocking her out and leaving her comatose on the road.

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