Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Vikrant Proposes Sara

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th June 2022 Written Update. Sony Tv Serial Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8 June 2022 Written Episode on

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Written Update

Adi is sent by Ram at the beginning of the episode. Vikrant is what he calls himself. Vikrant is mentioned by the driver when he responds. Priya fills up the water bottle. He reads about Ram’s achievement in an article.

My life has changed greatly in the past five years, and I have no regrets about it. Pihu shouldn’t know that Ram is her father, but I’ve also learned a lot about myself in the process. She’s worried about what I’ll say if she ever brings up her father and I inquire about him.

I know you wake up early to kill the water. I enjoy chatting with Pihu. I really want to meet her. How are you? Sara asks. Priya assures me that Pihu is with me and that everything is alright. It seems like Sara’s business is doing well and she is quite busy.

Sandy’s profession, on the other hand, appears to be flourishing. It means a lot to me that Priya thinks I’m happy. Sara asks if I may ask her something. Priya confirms that you have really sent more money to Pihu.

Sara identifies me as Pihu’s Maasi, according to her. They sit down and converse. Sara asks for permission to carry out her sisterly duties. In the bakery, she goes Priya inquires about the incident. Ram shows up and asks for Vikrant’s driver.

Vikrant is in Sara’s shop, he tells Adi. That is what Brinda told us, and we will be there. In Ram’s words, I’m going to murder you. Vikrant may be seen by Priya via video call. Vikrant extends a warm welcome to her. He asks Sara to be his wife. Sara thinks the joke is funny.

He inquires as to how long we intend to keep this a secret from Priya. He makes a romantic proposal to her. It’s Ram. Priya is aware of Ram’s presence. Sara tells Ram a story. Vikrant had her hand in his. There are Adi and Brinda, who have arrived. I’m here to propose to her since Vikrant says we can’t lie for long. He tries to persuade Sara with his words.

If you accept his proposal, he will declare his undying love and propose marriage to you. Sara simply shakes her head in agreement. They embrace each other. Priya could be aware of this, according to Ram.

Everyone, Vikrant is sorry. Ram congratulates him and gives him a hug. He inquires as to whether or not you’re content. Vikrant is overjoyed, to paraphrase him. That’s what Ram thinks. Pihu arrives and steals Priya’s phone. In Sara’s opinion, Ram didn’t notice Priya. Ram inquires about Vikrant’s plans for the wedding. He promises to give you a party.

Pihu and Priya are together. Brinda is certain that you must not accept this treachery as okay. Adi claims that Vikrant is content. Sood’s family, he claims, is terrible news. Kunal tells Priya that if they get married, she will return. It is requested that Priya travel with Sara and Vikrant as well. They all talk about it. I didn’t tell Ram anything about the situation, Ram claims.


The landlady and Priya get into an argument. Ram claims that you are a fan of the rain and the night sky.

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