Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Ram Asks Priya To Get Meera Arrested

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th May 2022 Written Update. Sony Tv Serial Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27 May 2022 Written Episode on

The episode begins with Ram and Krishna talking to Meera. “Who do you want to insult now?” She asks. Ram asked where is Varun? I say she will be with you. She scolds him for using a child to prove it. Ram says sorry. She says Varun didn’t come here. Ram says Krish, show me the tracker. Displays Crush Tracker. He says we can see that Varun was here until you found Priya here, will you now say that Varun didn’t come here, is the tracker wrong like me, why are you lying.

Sarah says that if something happens to Varun, Ishan can’t stand it. Ram says that I consider Ishan as my child, I worked hard for his benefit, you think I will do this, you have given a criminal leave. I say first prove the guilt then the accusation.

Ram says you were my mother, you knew what that meant, so you made that decision Prove me wrong, if you’re scared I can understand, then tell me, I want to know, where is Varun, I want to find my father’s killer, I got my answer, today you did not choose me You did well, this is your decision, I will not do you justice, I will get justice to my mother, this will be my way, for this you will not give me justice. Krish gets a message and says we have to go. Ram goes away.

Sarah and I cried. Sarah says sorry Priya, can Priya forgive us? Meera remembers asking Ishan about Varun. Shivi says I am silent, she knows, Varun killed my father. Ishan threatened to kill himself. I promise nothing will happen. FB over. She says I did not choose either Ram or Varun, but I chose Ishan, Ram Priya will not be punished for anyone else’s mistake. Priya records the conversation between Varun and Mahendra.

She is waiting for Krishna. He hears everything. She comes out and says that it will hurt you both. They are shocked to see it. Mahendra says you… Priya scolded Varun. “I did nothing,” says Varun. She says everything is on record, you have confessed your guilt. Mahendra scolds him and asks him to call. She says I will not be afraid. He grabs her neck. He asks Varun to snatch the phone. Veron tries to snatch the phone. Ram comes and stops them. Ram and Krishna catch the police. Ram yells at Mahendra and arrests him. Priya thank you Ram. Krish tells them to talk, and leaves.

Priya says I know there are many misunderstandings between us, I am practical but I am passionate about you, I love you so much, I can’t lose you, do you trust me Are He says I trust you more than myself, I love you sincerely, madly and deeply. “I think you still have a complaint, tell me what’s the matter, I’ll do as you say,” she says. He says arrest your mother. She asks He says again

“I was saving my father’s killers,” he said. She says you are blaming her, you are angry, you have gone mad, how can you say that about her, she calls you her son. He says I will prove it to you, this statement was in the police record, check, I made the statement to save Mahendra.

Priya says that Sarah was married that day. Ram says my father died, Varun and Mahendra were involved, how did I make this statement, he lied to everyone, Varun and Mahendra killed my father, I went to ask me about Varun, He lied to me, he knew Mahendra was black. Kartut, so today she saved Varun, why would she mislead me, it is clear that she knew about my father’s killer.

Priya says no, it can’t be, I don’t believe it. Ram says you are denying the evidence. Priya asks if I believe my mother is a liar, she can’t do that. Ram says he is with the killers, so my father’s case was closed as an accident, do you love me so much that you will go against me, I promised Nandini that I was guilty I will punish, dear, decide, you will. Choose me or your mother, you decide.

She cries She stops him and says some people try to mislead you, I can’t do wrong, he never lied, he is my pride. Ram says I know you love your mother very much, I respect her. She says it’s wrong. He says it’s hard to accept the truth, because I can’t leave my father’s killers. Priya says because you love me.

Precap: Shivi and Priya argue. Ishan pushed Shiva down. Ram runs Shiva. Priya says that Shiva died because of me. She gets arrested.

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