Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th May 2022 Written Update. Sony Tv Serial Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26 May 2022 Written Episode on

This episode starts with taking my sweetheart with me. Ram remembers their marriage. Priya is gone. Nandini stops Ram. “I never thought you would marry the daughter of your father’s killer,” she said. Ram said very sadly and hugged him.

He says i’m there She smiles. She says a miracle happened today. Mami says that this proves that Ram loved his father very much. Mama says that he loves Priya, he did not kill Varinder, so he will forgive Priya soon. Shiv asked, “What are you saying?” Nandini says just understand one thing, I do not want any relationship with the interest family. Shivi says that I have married Aki.

Nandini says she will not go there. Shibham says that Shivi and Aki can come back here. Nandini says decide whether you want to come here or not. Shiva says you are saying I can come back here, but no one else. “I’ll tell you what to do,” he says. Shivi goes. He tells Nandini to trust him. He asked, “Did Mami give you a draft will?” Nandini says yes. They say we can get Ram to do whatever we want.

Nandini says that now everything is under my control, thanks to me, I wanted to do this. Ram sees Priya’s picture and number plate. Krish comes and asks where did you get this, that person will be the killer. Ram says Priya. Krish asks, I don’t believe him, where is Priya? Ram asks can I expect you not to be prejudiced? Krish thinks I was worried that his love for the family might overpower his love. He certainly says.

He calls and says I need all the updates about Mahendra. He says you are my client, be strong, we are close to the killer, Priya is determined, you say she can see things better than us. Ram says don’t talk to me about Priya, I want to catch Mahendra. Brought my sweetheart home Sarah says that Varun is not involved in Varinder’s accident, he did it for Ishan. I say no, Mahendra had that number plate, his curse came true, I have seen Ram angrily doubting me, that anger will turn into hatred, please do something, without Ram Can’t live, I’m not old anymore.

I can’t live without love, please do something, explain to Ram, save my marriage, he thinks that I have betrayed him to save my family, I will never go against Ram for the sake of Mahendra. I hug her and cry. She says I will not let anything happen to you two. Sarah says I am scared, what will happen to Ishan if Ram proves Varun wrong. Meera hugged him and told him to trust his mother, nothing will happen. Priya says I am going out for some time, I am getting restless. She thinks of meeting Mahendra.

Krish asked are you ready? Ram says I can’t wait. Ishan called Ram. Ram thinks apologetic to get you to Varun. He says you are going to study abroad. “Thank you, I’m so excited,” says Ishan. Ram says I have to meet Varun for documentation work, we will give him a surprise. Ishan says I will call him home, thank you. Priya comes to Mahendra’s house.

She sees the lock. She says where did he go? He sees the light shining. She comes in through the window. She checks the closet. Ishan called Varun and told him to come soon. He says you are the best father in the world. Shivi says he is the worst. Varun listens to them. Ishan says you are the worst. Shiva says your father killed my father, he is guilty, will go to jail.

Ishan says you are lying. She says ask Ram, he knows everything, he will arrest your father. Priya checks some files. She took her purse and said that it meant that Mahendra had kidnapped me. She calls me He asked Varun is at home. I say no, Ishan said he is coming. Priya says I can’t call Ram, he will get upset, I will call Krish and tell him. Priya called Krish.

Ram wonders why Priya is calling him. Priya says that Mahendra kidnapped me, I took my bag to his house, at least I got something. Crush says get out of there, it’s dangerous. She says go and meet Varun, maybe he wants to help us, I’ll get some evidence from here. He says listen to me dear. She is disconnected. She hears Mahendra and Varun coming. She hides. She records their conversations. Mahendra says you have stolen papers, why have you come here? “If I go to jail, you both will go to jail. It’s time to show the truth. You two are involved.” Mahendra says no, you were driving and you hit Varinder. Priya is crying.

Precap: Ram argues with me. He asks Priya to arrest me.