Artist Illustrates Funny Cat Photos In His Style To Show How Weird Cats Really Are

I don’t mean that in any wrong sense. To me, that is somewhat of a compliment. Cats are mostly famous for their dashing looks and the cute faces they make. Yes, I agree, cats are adorable. However, there is a side of them that only cat owners get to see. You don’t really know a cat until you see it running around the house doing weird shenanigans. We don’t know what is going on in their minds but they are extremely entertaining to look at.

Even though they may seem like angels from a distance or through computer screens, they are actually devil’s spawns. They wreck your house, cause chaos everywhere and then pretend nothing ever happened. Their weird shenanigans will keep you occupied all day. What kind of “weird”, you ask? Have you ever heard of the term “Cats are liquid”? Because it is true. They can take on any shape or form they want.

30-year-old web/graphic designer Ainars from Latvia has proven that with his illustrations. His Instagram account, dailypurrr, is filled with drawings of cats that are sent to him by his fans. Check out some of his hilarious work down below:

Source: dailypurrr /

1. Help me, human!

2. That looks so real.


3. A cat with just two legs.


4. Long cat reincarnated.


5. Cats are definitely liquid.


6. He got the paws pretty accurate.


7. Give me the camera!


Ainars never came up with a proper plan with these drawings. He used to randomly draw them, but then he started using pictures for reference so people could compare them. He gets around 300+ submissions in a day, and he tries his best to respond to all of them. Regarding his art, Ainars says “I hope people just have fun watching dailypurrr and I hope I can make them happy at least for a little moment every day.” Scroll down below for more:

8. Square angry kitty.


9. Chonky boy.


10. Big, bug eyes.


11. Fat boy waiting for his next meal.

12. What a pose!

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