Artist Creates Hilarious Comics Showing The Struggles Of Having A Dog And A Partner

Family can be complicated.

I know we all talk about how a family is essential and that we need to do everything for the family. However, we don’t ever talk about the struggles of having a partner, a dog, and a baby. I am not saying that all of these relationships aren’t worth it, because they are. But they also bring about a lot of chaos that we never see on-screen. Well, an artist from Israel is here to men that. You see, he loves to create short and sweet comic strips about his daily life with family.

His family includes his wife, his baby, and his dog by the name of Joya. Now, you might think that his comics will somehow be rude towards these relationships. But they not only remain respectful but they are also adorable and hilarious. We all know that living with a dog and a bay can create chaos but what we don’t know is how much chaos it can create. So if you want to take a look at some gorgeously done comics that just might be relatable to you, you have come to the right place.

So just scroll below to take a look for yourself. And don’t forget that we have the artist Erez Zadok to thank for these beautiful comics!

Source: Instagram | Facebook | Website

#1 Honestly dogs trump humans every time and I will stand by that.

#2 When you have two bundles of joy that bring you unending happiness.


#3 You have to learn how to take care of a baby somehow and dogs are a great way to do that.


#4 No matter how expensive the bed is, your lap is always more comfortable.


#5 If the condition for love is that you have to be clean then I say that is a small price to pay.


#6 Somehow all the pacifiers just vanish especially when you need them.


#7 I have learned the hard way that stacking clothes like this is not the best idea.


#8 Atleast the singing worked on one person.


This is what the artist had to say about himself.

I’m a comic book artist, game artist, illustrator, and caricaturist. I received my degree in Visual Communications from the world-renowned Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem, Israel. Following graduation, I gained immediate notice for my Israeli comics publications, Tranquillo and Miko Bel: Master of Potions. Erez and Gorf collaborated with Butch Hartman (“Fairly Odd Parents”, Nickelodeon) to create 3 O’Clock Club, an original comics series published by Lion Forge Comics.

I produce “Bundle of Joya,” my autobiographical comic strip released weekly on Instagram. I live in Israel with my wife, Lina, and daughter May Ze’ela. (And Joya, the dog.) – Erez Zadok

#9 Online shopping is the bane of my existence as I always spend way too much money and buy things I don’t even need.


#10 I think we can all relate to this and I think the dog wants pizzas as well.


#11 It is the thought that counts!

#12 That honestly sounds like a great way to spend your birthday.


#13 That actually makes perfect sense to me.

#14 This is somehow very accurate.

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