Anupama Twist – Toshu Seeks Revenge from Anupama

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As we saw in the last episode, Toshu attempted to retrieve Kinjal and Pari after entering Kapadia home while intoxicated. To his disappointment, however, Anuj phoned Vanraj to take him back after seeing the latter act inappropriately around Anupama.

The family portrait of Choti Anu, Anuj, and Anupama fell into a diya in the precap, and Choti Anu’s side of the image burned down. Anupama is admonished to seek retribution by Paritosh, who grinned.

After Toshu’s adultery was discovered, Vanraj expelled him, and Kinjal moved to Anupama’s residence. Vanraj recognised his own errors as well. But supporters often criticise Baa for standing with Toshu. It’s past time for Baa to own her errors and stop continually favouring the household’s menfolk.

Sources have stated that Toshu would abduct Choti Anu during this Navratri and demand Kinjal and Pari in exchange. How are Anupama and Anuj going to manage this predicament? Will she lose her family? Will Toshu’s nefarious schemes be successful? Is this a foreshadowing of Choti Anu’s impending misfortune?

Choti Anu, who grew Anuj and Anupama’s marriage, was adored by our audience. Seeing if anything happened to her would be awful. Will Toshu do an absurd act? What would happen if, God forbid, he did that? According to some admirers, Anupama may murder Toshu in order to rescue Choti Anu, and eventually, everyone—including Kinjal—will begin to despise Anupama. Is this a fact?

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