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Anupama’s Paghpera Ritual

Anupama 9th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Anupama 9 June 2022 Written Episode on

Anupama Written Update

She apologises to Anuj. Because he felt horrible when she apologised, Anuj says they won’t talk about their troubles with anybody but each other. He asserts that he is aware that the fact that he is a signatory to his company’s documents means nothing to her. Her next question is, “Why did you make me an authority on singing?”

He tells them that they must plan for their family’s future, regardless of whether they are still living or deceased. Anupama tells him to stop saying that or she will no longer talk to him. He brightens her day.

They have a good time together and laugh at each other’s jokes. Barkha is envious when she sees them and tries to distance herself from them.

At her maika/parents’ house, Anupama’s delight inspires Anuj to inquire as to why girls appear more radiant when they are there. In her hair, he places a gajra. Because she’d heard from Pakhi that females had commented on his social media posts and given him the evil eye, Anupama begged him not to wear a black shirt. Upon seeing Anupama’s saree, Sara and Adhik commend her style.

Despite her admiration for the fusion appearance, she says she’d like to learn how to wear a sari. Adhik inquires as to where she is heading. In Anupama’s words, she is heading to her maika to do the paghphera rite there. Sara insists on going along with the group.

They’re going shopping, Adhik says. Sara explains her business plan to investigate the local market and see if she can export items to the United States of America (the “US market”). It appeals to Anupama. In Sara’s mind, Anupama is her inspiration, and Anuj has told her everything.

Barkha gets agitated when she hears them talking. With her debit card, Sara may withdraw money. Sara wants money. It’s nok jhok time for her and Adhik! Anuj thinks they’re youngsters and offers them money to go shopping. In Barkha’s opinion, they are just like his own children. Ankush had finished his jog. Barkha expresses her desire to begin decorating the house’s interior right away, starting today.

Anuj enlists the help of Anupama to take Barkha shopping and drive her about town. Barkha is taken aback by this and remarks that she had assumed Anupama was a quiet housewife. Anupama doesn’t even scare Anupama any more than she did previously. Ankush makes fun of Barkha for cancelling her paragliding courses since she couldn’t fly. Barkha claims to be dizzy.

For the Paghphera tradition, the three friends of Pakhi’s arrive at Anupama’s house dancing to a song. They are now joined by Anuj and Anupama. Ankush and Barkha are next on the agenda, thanks to Anuj. Ankush and Barkha are taken aback by Anupama’s physical condition, despite having three adult children. Anupama’s fitness is greatly praised by Ankush.

Anupama claims to have been married and a mother at a young age. Anupama’s children are introduced to Barkha and Ankush by Anupama. Pakhi wonders where they’ve been for the past few hours. Anuj claims they were in the United States. Anuj tells her it is Anupama’s maika. He will take her up. Anupama and her children are eagerly awaiting their maika’s arrival.

Ankush is pleased to see that Anupama is still in good shape despite having had three children at this point. When Barkha hears that Anuj’s property would be split up among so many people, he gets agitated and tells him to use his intellect.

The Shahs are delighted to have Anupama stay with them. Anuj’s cousin Ankush and his sister-in-law Barkha are mentioned by the children. How’d Anuj’s family show up so suddenly? Kavya thinks to herself. Anupama suggests that you put off discussing it for the time being because it’s a lengthy tale. Barkha hands Anuj furniture bills and asks him to verify them.

Asked to examine the invoices, Ankush obliges Anuj. Barkha is envious of Anuj’s treatment of Ankush, as if he were his servant. His plan is to ask Anupama to sign the checks, says Anuj. What does Anuj think about making someone else the signing authority in Anupama’s absence? Barkha inquired. Thanks for your concern, Anuj. I don’t believe I need additional signing authority.

Anupama’s new house-warming event is scheduled for Anuj’s invitation to the Shahs. Vanraj contemplates keeping a distance from her. The graha pravesh of their new home excites Anuj and Anupama. According to Barkha, they would first visit Anuj’s new home before heading to his office.

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