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Barkha Plans A Party

Anupama 8th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Anupama 8 June 2022 Written Episode on

During the time Anupama is cooking, Anuj goes out for a jog. She is smitten the moment she sees him. He makes her aware of the fact that she has been setting fire to thepla. He holds him responsible for the attention he’s received. He helps her prepare thetapla and kisses her forehead.

Barkha takes notice of their relationship and greets them with a heartfelt good morning in her sweet Indian accent. Anupama tries to touch her toes, but fails. Barka greets her from a distance and tells her it’s a lovely morning. She then inquires about breakfast with Anuj, who replies that he is aware she is missing the pancakes.

He claims that Anupama had something special in store for her as a surprise. There were pancakes and cornflakes, according to Anupama. Sara and Adhik start addressing each other as “mamma” and “daddy.”Anupama runs to the door to greet them with enthusiasm. Barkha is perplexed as to why she is so taken with them despite the fact that she has only recently met them.Aupama, according to Anuj, is just like that.

Having spent the night over at the mother’s house of Leela’s best friend, the Shahs have returned home. Anupama’s absence has left Hasmukh heartbroken. To avoid disappointment, Samar informs her that her mother will arrive tomorrow for the paghphera rite.Anupama’s paghpera ceremony takes place tomorrow. After everyone else has gone, Vanraj takes out a present package from his backpack.

During the aarti, Anupama welcomes Sara and Adhik back to their house. According to Sara, she’s been a fan of Anupama’s since she viewed the video of her marriage proposal on social media. She refers to Anupama as “aunty” or “chachi.” Anupama bursts into tears. Adhika and Sara are perplexed when they see her crying.

Because these tears are tears of joy, Anuj tells them not to worry. After a lengthy absence, Sara and Adhik are delighted to see Anuj again. Requested: shayari/poem for Sara from Anuj Yes, he is. Anupama is then praised by her. As a result, Anuj is relieved. Ankush compliments Barkha on Sara’s relationship with Anupama. Barkha continues to ignore him. Ankush advises her to find something to be joyful about.

Adhik and Adhik sit down to talk later on in the evening with Anuj and the others. Adhik prevents Anuj from telling Adhik about the closure of their US operations. To celebrate Anuj’s return to the Kapadia empire, Barkha has planned an extravagant brunch at a five-star hotel.

When Anuj learns about the party, he apologises to Anupama and requests her to postpone it till they can attend the pagphera rite at Shahs with him and his wife. Anupama has Sara’s full backing. According to Anuj, the company and the mansion are now owned by Anupama. Hearing that, Barkha is stunned. Then, according to Anuj, there should be a big celebration for Anupama. Hearing that makes Barkha furious.

Leela’s nameplate is displayed at the front door of the house by the Shahs. Thank you, Vanraj, for making her happy. Vanraj claims that Anupama taught him that women are just as important as men in running the household and need their own nameplates.

Afterwards, Kavya inquires as to why her name is not on the sign. Vanraj explains that she is just a visitor and will be gone in a few days. From now on, Leela will be the one responsible for managing her own home.

Barkha claims that Anupama is unable to manage a large company on her own and that Adhik would step in to assist her. In her mind, Anupama took over the house and business because she let her get away with it.

When Anupama inquires about Barkha’s mood, Anuj tells her that the celebration has been postponed. Anuj is confident that Barkha will hold a party at some point in the future. It takes Anupama some time to come to terms with the fact that owning his company and home would mean losing her individuality once more. Anuj leaves the scene.

When Anupama’s children visit Barkha’s house, Barkha is annoyed at how well Anuj gets along with them. Anupama’s paghpera ceremony is performed by Leela. Anuj confronts Barkha with the question of whether or not he thinks he should include someone else in the firm now that he has appointed Anupama as a signing authority.

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