Anupama 7th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Barkha Insists Ankush To Seek His Right From Anuj

Anupama 7th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Anupama 7 June 2022 Written Episode on

As Anupama explains to Anuj, when a dream comes true, it is a wonderful feeling. Even Anuj admits that he feels as though his own nazar/evil eyes are about to descend on him. This is Anupama’s nazar in action. Anuj claims he had been alone for so long that when he asked God for happiness, he received an overwhelming amount of it. He only hopes that tiny Anu arrives soon for him and his family.

His father adopted him and brought him into the family, but Ankush and he had a falling out when he was brought home by his father. Even Paritosh, according to Anupama, used to be annoyed with Samar, but after a while, he grew to love his little brother. It’s Anuj’s story that Ankush became his closest buddy, and that he even urged him to bring a flower to his first date.

Ankush, on the other hand, recounts how he tried to uplift Anuj with pep talks, but that Anuj instead presented a flower to a girl and fled away, saying “Get well soon” as he went. He talks about how much he misses the time he spent with Anuj and how delighted he is to be back home. Barkha, who is on the phone, is annoyed to hear that. His father, Anuj explains, was the glue that held the two families together, but after his death, the two families fell apart.

He swells up. Anupama gives him a bear embrace and expresses her condolences. He inquires as to whether or not she has any objections to Ankush and Barkha staying behind. She tells him not to bring it up again.

Using phoen, Barkha chastises her children Adhik and Sara to return home promptly. Anukush says he feared that his children would not like India, but he was surprised to find that they like it well. Asking him when he’ll see Anuj, Barksha inquires about his plans. Anukush claims that they are newcomers who need some space. If he doesn’t, Barkha warns she’ll do it herself.

They spoke to Hasmuk and Leela through video call to find out more about their family’s situation. Anuj inquires as to the current state of affairs for Vanraj and Kavya. Vanraj has a grin on his face. Aware of Anuj and Anupama, Hasmuk inquires as to why.

Anuj attempts to tell Anukush and Barkha about their arrival, but Anupama intervenes and chooses to tell them in a unique manner. She enquires about Ankush and Barkha’s children with Anuj. Sara is Anuj and Barkha’s only child, and Barkha regards her brother as her own. He says he was concerned about Barkha’s ability to adjust to Indian culture, but he was incorrect.

Angry with Anukush for lying to him about their US business, Barkha confronts him, asking why he didn’t inform him that they had ended it. Anukush says he’ll get back to them in a while, as they just arrived. Barkha believes he should fight for his company and property rights since they need money to survive in India. Barkha thinks he should fight for his rights.

In order to protect her daughter and brother’s future, she tells him he must either stand out for himself, or she will. She pushes him to ask for a partnership in the company before he does anything else. Seeing their furious debate, Anuj and Anupama bring them milk and are unable to express themselves. When Ankush and Barkha see them, they’re taken aback.

Pakhi checks Adhik’s phone on hers. The two of them spend some time together while Vanraj makes his way around to her side. Seeing Adhik’s attractive face, Pakhi stops showing him Youth Festival photos and swoons over him. In order to proceed, Vanraj asks her. When he hears Leela’s voice, he runs away.

“What’s up with Barkha and Anukush being so tense?” anupama and anuj ponder. For speaking too loudly in the open, Barkha is chastised by Ankush. Barkha says they should have respected others’ privacy and that she didn’t like this home and would go check out the interior design of other houses. She adds she will go check out other houses. However, Anukush claims he enjoys living here.

Using the pretext of Anuj and Anupama getting married, she claims he’d love it since it’s “old” like him and threatens to make an announcement the next morning. Vanraj confronts Leela, inquiring as to whether or not she administered medication to Hasmukh. She expresses her disbelief and wonders how Anupama was able to do so much without her. As she discusses the pagphera tradition of Anuj and Anupama, she decides to give them something. Prepared to celebrate their family values, Anuj and Anupama get set for the pagphera rite.


To celebrate Anuj’s return to the Kapadia dynasty, Barkha has organised a party. Anuj will not be able to attend the celebration since he has a pagphera rite the next day. Leela is pleased to find her nameplate on the door, as she had feared.

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