Anupama 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Pakhi Decides To Apologize Anupama

Star Plus Serial Anupama 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Kinjal lashes Pakhi and Toshu with his tongue for disrespecting Anupama. She claims that she and Kavya recognised the value of Anupama as her DIL and sautan; when will Pakhi and Toshu recognise her value as her children? Kavya says never because they are both selfish. She claims she has never seen such a selfish, pathetic, useless, arrogant child as Pakhi and questions whether Pakhi is truly Anupama’s daughter; she claims that when little Anu, Anupama’s adopted daughter, understands her, it is a shame on Pakhi, Anupama’s biological daughter.

Kinjal suggests that if she is upset right now, she should consider how Anupama must be feeling after her own daughter evicted her from her home. Kavya asks Pakhi, who was shouting to get out of her house, if it was Anupama and Anuj’s kindness that they didn’t kick the entire family out. Kinjal claims that they keep making the same mistakes, and that no mistake can be forgiven. Kavya believes she should still apologise to Anupama, and that as a mother, Anupama may forgive her. Pakhi makes her way to her room. Kavya claims she is so arrogant and stubborn that she refuses to listen to elders’ advice. Pakhi departs. Vanraj is then tongue-lashed by Kavya.

Anupama and Anuj devote time to Little Anu. The song Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai is playing in the background. Pakhi is overcome with remorse for her heinous act and sobs. She smacks her head against a bed and calls mummy, recalling Kavya’s words that she will remember her mummy whenever she is in trouble, and herself insulting Anupama. Vanraj asks Kavya, in his usual arrogant tone, what she wants to say now. Kavya says she loves him and his entire family, including shameless Pakhi and Toshu; she always wished she could be like Anupama, but now she is glad she isn’t.

Vanraj will never be grateful for Anupama’s sacrifice, and even if she is about to die serving them, he will ask her to go to her pala, Toshu will ask her to die after 2 years of caring for his baby, and Pakhi will be ashamed by the way Anupama is dying. She claims Vanraj, Toshu, Pakhi, and Leela are no one’s dear ones and are greedy and selfish; she would never tolerate Leela or anyone else’s taunts about her appearance and lifestyle and would respond appropriately because she is Kavya and not Anupama. She claims that Anupama has her husband and wife and must have forgotten the insult in order to share happiness with them, but Shahs will not be happy.

Pakhi imagines Anupama comforting her and telling her that even though she did wrong, she would always be there for her. Pakhi collapses and realises she was hallucinating her. Anupama looks at Rakhi and recalls the Shah family’s harsh words. Anuj tells Anupama that he didn’t say anything yesterday because they were her family, and if he had, he would have burned their worlds down for insulting her. He wonders how a mother can tolerate such hatred; he would have died even if his daughter said, “I hate you.”

He claims that her respect is his responsibility, and he will not allow her to visit Shah’s house again; he is making this decision on her behalf not because he is her husband, but because it would be difficult for her to do so; he wants all the blame to fall on himself so that no one blames her. Little Anu tears up when Anupama says she won’t go to the place where he feels hurt. Anuj claims that she should go whenever there is an emergency. Anupama says she would go if they called her. Sara enters the room. Little Anu wonders how Anupama can be her idol. Sara explains that the people they admire are their idols, and she admires Anupama.

Vanraj approaches Pakhi and notices her crying. Pakhi expresses regret for her heinous act and questions why Vanraj did not intervene when she insulted Anupama; she insulted Hasmukh, Kinjal, and Anuj as well, but Vanraj did not intervene. She continues to cry and says that tomorrow is Rakhi festival and that her buddy will not allow her to visit them. Vanraj advises her to become accustomed to celebrating festivals without his mother because their worlds are so dissimilar. Pakhi claims that they are to blame for the disparity, and she wishes to meet with Anupama to apologise. Vanraj believes he does not want the Kapadias to return to Shah House and believes there is no need to apologise to Anupama.

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