Anupama 3rd June 2022 Written Update Episode

Anupama Agrees To Adopt Little Anu

Anupama 3rd June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Anupamaa 3 June 2022 Written Episode on

Returning to their hotel room, Anuj and Anupama settle down. Anupama stands still. Anuj challenges her to speak out and end her state of deafening quiet. It brings back memories of Anuj’s desire to adopt Anu.

To clear things up, Kinjal explains to Kavya at the Shahs’ house how people can become confused about what is right and wrong in a relationship and how a MIL’s right may be a daughter’s wrong, and a husband’s correct can be a wife’s wrong; she adored papa and thought it was correct but her mother thought it was incorrect, and so only she can decide what is right and wrong for herself.

It is up to her whether she wants to go on in life, but like mommy, she should do it with grace. Only after Kinjal has given birth will Kavya be able to view her friend’s kid. Seeing a gorgeous dadi, Kinjal quips, would be exciting for her kid. That’s what Kavya tells me.

A mother, Anupama informs Anuj, would never retire; she has been a mother twice, and any woman would grow worn out following the road of motherhood; motherhood is both the greatest joy and the greatest challenge a woman can experience.

Due to her being a grandma, she believes that it is impossible for her to take on the duty of raising a kid again. Anuj regrets pressuring her to take on the burden. Anupama enjoys their connection because of their open and honest communication. After that, she accepts to take on the responsibility of raising Anu.

He praises her profusely and asks if she believes he is adopting Anu because he doesn’t have any children of his own. Anupama advises against saying anything like that. Anuj inquires about human beings.

Anupama inquires as to why they’ve been so concerned about others since then, and after a lengthy discussion she declares that she doesn’t give a damn about society. Laughing, Anuj rephrases. When Anu agrees to stay with him, he tells her he is worried because he has to give up his bad habits of staying up late, watching TV, and so on. He expresses his delight and gratitude to her.

They both go to the orphanage the next day. Abhay explains to Anu how she pleaded to god to send her parents as quickly as possible, and he listened to her and responded by delivering them. Anuj and Anupama’s approach makes Anu feel joyful.

Playing in the background is the song “Abhi Mukh Mein Kahin.” On the subject of rainbows, Anuj informs Anu that was the same for him, saying he had just one hue lacking in the home and that it will be complete when she came to visit. She embraces him with joy. As soon as the legal paperwork is completed, Anuj and Abhay will take her home, Anuj tells her family.

They take her home and Anu claims it will be her birthday. Anu asks whether her name might be added to the cake. Anupama nods her head to confirm her answer. In the words of Abhay, “Anu, it’s time for school.” Then she walks away, saying she wants them to come back as soon as possible to bring her back to her house.

Anuj and Anupama can’t stop talking about how happy they are. They return to their house and ring the doorbell. Anuj mentions that they’ll be entering their forties soon. It’s Anupama’s opinion that he must be in his 30s or 40s, since she’s still in her honeymoon phase. When the door opens and Barkha appears, he becomes romantic and prepares to kiss her.

Anupama receives compliments from Anuj’s relative.
They toast to the occasion with a bottle of champagne for each of them. While Pakhi is out having fun, a young man approaches her.

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