Anupama 3rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Hasmukh Voices His Misery To His Family

Star Plus Serial Anupama 3rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Anupama Written Update

Anupama leaves Shah House. The song Baghon Ke Har Phool Ko Apna Samjhe Baghbaan… is playing in the background. She remembers her time there. Kavya sobs as she hugs her and tells her that anytime she needs a friend, she should remember she is always there for her. Rakhi believes her children have turned against her and that Sautan has turned against her. Anupama sobs while holding Hasmukh.

Hasmukh presents her taramind sweets, then places her hand in Anuj’s and blesses her to be happy with Anuj forever. Anupama and Little Anu accompany Anuj. Hasmukh sobs as he waves them off. They arrive at their destination. Anupama expresses a desire to spend some time in the automobile. Anuj nods in agreement. Little Anu goes in with Anuj and gives her water bottle.

Anupama is troubled by the scathing comments of Pakhi, Toshu, Vanraj, and Leela. When Barkha hears from Ankush that Anuj is about to make an announcement, she becomes agitated. Anuj enters with Little Anu. Sara inquires about Anupama and lavishes attention on Little Anu. Anuj requests that Sara make him some coffee as he freshens himself and tells his family that he really wants to make an announcement.

Rakhi requests a cup of black coffee from Shahs. Kinjal requests that she put an end to her drama. Rakhi says she’ll have coffee at home and then goes, stating she’ll come tomorrow with her luggage to remain at Shah House until Kinjal arrives. Hasmukh claims that people happily send Devi from their house, requesting her to return next month, but his family insulted Devi and told her she would never return; he should have died before seeing his daughter humiliated and kicked out of the house by his family; he begs God to kill him right now.

Leela questions why he is saying that. Kavya brings him water and tells him that Anupama would be upset if anything horrible happened to him. He sips water. He tongue lashes Pakhi and Toshu for misbehaving with their mother and declares that they would never be able to live in peace without the assistance of their mother. When Vanraj and Toshu repeatedly insult Laxmi, Hasmukh informs them that they will never obtain a job, that he will never forgive them, and that they will all regret for the rest of their lives for their awful crime.

Anupama is still upset and goes into her house. She discovers a cheerful Santa gift in her room and opens it to find a message from Little Anu telling her to calm down and come out since she and Anuj are waiting for her. She approaches them with a smile. Little Anu brightens up by stating her mother is delighted. Anupama claims this is because she received a joyful santa gift from someone. If she is joyful, Little Anu invites her to her light tent.

They all spent significant time cheering each other on. Vanraj attempts to check Hasmukh’s blood pressure. Hasmukh cautions him not to touch him. Vanraj claims that they are worried about him. Hasmukh expresses his willingness to die and wonders how he could allow Pakhi to criticise Anupama while Anupama never allows anybody to disrespect him. He inquires if he would sit calmly if someone insulted his mother. Kavya wonders why Vanraj didn’t smack arrogant and shameless Pakhi.

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